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    The Boiling Pacific...Getting pretty active. Tropical Wx

    Uh, yes I am. Gonna be good surf?? Need me to smuggle some shirts down??
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    Tropical Wx- Amanda is brewing

    The for runners of the swell from Amanda are hitting the south facing SoCal beaches this morning. Much smaller than expected. Head high and a little inconsistent at Trestles and Churches. To much south direction for good long shoulders. Amanda needs to hang a left, strengthen and sit still a while.
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    Tropical Wx- Amanda is brewing

    She seems to be staying right in the sweet spot of our swell window. Stay the course Amanda, you're doing great!! No work getting done this week.
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    Nelson Marek 30

    CAT3.....CAT4......Whatever it takes.
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    Nelson Marek 30

    So, "Old Man", When you say 'out of here' are you talking just Cat 3 racing or are you going to be out of the sailmaking biz?
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    N2E 2014 Weather- The official thread

    Jobs??....We don't need no stinkin' jobs.. It's a great idea. We should implement this immediately. Then yacht racing can finally be completely limited to the status quo, where it belongs.
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    Nelson Marek 30

    It was lightly mentioned earlier but a great source of info would be Harry Pattison at Elliott/Pattison sailmakers in Newport Beach. He won 2 internationals on it along with a bunch of other stuff. He is super friendly and will share all the info you want on racing her. These old MORC guys are...
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    N2E - time to plan for Mexico

    I want to know when the surf board "embargo" scare is going to get started. I would love for all the gringo surfers to stop traveling down to K38 for fear of having their boards seized.
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    Top Secret Farr 40 regatta

    Perhaps Scooter is not welcome in that crowd.
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    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    I haven't changed my perception about Rimas after his "reporter" request or his book hints. After all, how long has he been out there? The mind can wander far and wide with that much alone time. I don't think there is anything wrong with what he has done or is doing. Different strokes for...
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    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Everyone seems to forget who they are and who Rimas is. You have to get down on his level. It's easy to say "if I were him I would do this". Or "why doesn't he do that". He has no idea of why, he just does. He turns on his Garmin Nuvi automobile purposed GPS and it points him to San Francisco...
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    Self steering gear

    Damn. I was going to buy one of those units. Now I can't.
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    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    I hope that's a spot tracker error. But then again.....That's not a little circle either. I can only imagine that the food supplies have got to be getting low.
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    Synthetic Lifelines- what's the latest

    Yes, "death lines". Make sure you extend your stanchions to 4' high and add 6 more lines just to be safe.
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    Motor yacht are so boring they invented toys to keep people happy

    Well, there's Nick Vanderbilt. I'm pretty sure he is a direct descendant. He actually post on this forum occasionally, maybe he will chime in. I know his immediate family has a private 737. He personally has a Gulfstream he flies all over the place. Then there is Mike jr. He is THE Vanderbilt...
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    New guy asking your opinion

    Best if its all 4 of them.
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    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    don't know if he has a frying pan but I've seen pictures.....his winch handles fit.
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    Motor yacht are so boring they invented toys to keep people happy

    Nope. You're not rich. You hail from B.C. so you're not even in the top 5% Wrong again. That's just what jealous middle class people like to think.
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    Not a lot of wind for the ISLANDS RACE today but it still beats workin

    Well, the rumor is their AIS stopped transmitting. Don't know why someone monitoring didn't give them a heads up over VHF.

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