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    I for one really appreciate the relentless search for the next bit of knowledge to be added to an ever improving comprehension of the complex situation you find yourself in trying to make your boat and sails just a little bit faster. Especially from people with proven records like SHC and JB...
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    Code X by Bieker for Code7 marine

    True. But not sure that is important. Jefa makes wheel steering (not exclusively) with linkages and mention the gearing aspect on their website. I guess it’s about getting a relevant variable gearing rather than insisting on constant gearing ? So the geometries and thoughts behind the mechanism...
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    Code X by Bieker for Code7 marine

    Thanks for the pictures. I would prefer at setup with drag links for better feel. But this is very neatly done.
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    J36 Tiller Conversion?

    Could this be a case for a whipstaff like on the code7 ?
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    Code X by Bieker for Code7 marine

    Would love some pictures of that whipstaff mechanism. Or drawings/sketches. Not too difficult to come up with one that would work. Much more difficult to come up with one that would work really well.
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    Code X by Bieker for Code7 marine

    Any TP 52 is a death trap by that definition
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    20+ Footer - Building in Hawaii

    Following this thread with great interest. It seems that you are not overly concerned with having the hardening process go dormant for a while. I have read several places that if the initial hardening does not happen at a good temperature, the final characteristics of the epoxy  will not reach...
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    IOR landfills?

    The Elvstrom half-tonner was a big thing in Denmark in the early 70'ies. I remember walking through the cabin between the trenches 13 year old and sitting down at the chart table facing backwards. It was a revelation. The pantry not so much as it was under one of the bathtubs, and the loo was...
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    what is it?

    Always amazing to see how many people ignore previous posts completely.......
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    The new sailing twin skin setup

    Further to the Windsurfer sail analogy. As a retired windsurfer I can only agree on the comments made on windsurfer sails. By using ridiculous amounts of Cunningham (downhaul) you can actually make a 12 square meter sail manageable in pretty high winds on a Formula board. A properly set sail...
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    Worst anchor design I've ever seen

    In an muddy environment the forces you can achieve from suction are bigger than what you can get from letting a hook dig in. I believe that some oil rigs standing on the bottom of the sea rely on the same principles. Like trying to walk in quicksand - it sucks.
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    Tower of Power
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    Tower of Power

    Thanks, So - noting that 1., 2. and 3. above should really be (a), (b) and (c), - and noting that RRS 50 may be changed in 2021, it looks to me as if sheeting to something other than the corner of the boat would be OK, if it is placed higher, but not further outboard than the corner of the boat...
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    Tower of Power

    Question: Would it be legal to use the pushpit as a "tower of power" (assuming that it is strong enough). Some of you will remember that some of the VO70 boats created a higher sheeting-point for their flying sails, in order to mimic that the sheet was attached to a longer boat. It could...
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    Old Skool gear

    Yeah - I have one of those too. I used it on my OK dinghy early 80'ies. But take a look at the video where Ken Read gives a tour of Comanche. That is the exact compass they have on that boat. I guess the rules say that they have to have a magnetic compass - this was the lightet they could find...
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    The Swedish Experiment

    I hope that "Turning to custard" is stretching it. It is true that we have experienced a rise in the number of infected individuals, which has caused new measures to be introduced. I see that as a good thing. Let's hope we get the number of new infected per day down from the 550 it was...
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    Corby 29 vs j35

    I was under the impression that the Corby's are very stable boats with a big ballast share, originally made so because IRC doesn't rate stability explicitly. All boats go better upwind with more weight on the rail but I would expect the Corby to be less sensitive to that than most ? Agree that...
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    A big project!

    A pity that some error has been made.  Video Unavailable This video is not available in your country My country is Denmark..... Anybody else experiencing the same ?
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    Rudders and roundup

    The Sun Odyssey 35 seems to have a deck stepped mast. Maybe you guys could use that info before engaging in an argument about rake, pre bend and other stuff.
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    Rudders and roundup

    If the rudder ventilates it might be an idea to try horizontal fence/s on rudder a third down. That might keep the bottom working and is a fairly cheap and unobtrusive procedure as opposed to lengthening the rudder or changing it. 

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