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    2022 Sydney To Hobart

    Caro is showing 14 knots compared to 20ish for the rest of the TP52. Something wrong or tracker?
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    2022 Sydney To Hobart

    Yes more about the race and less about what happened yesterday in the harbor....
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    How much should it cost to step a mast?

    I paid for the crane only which was 150 for up too one hour each way (in and out). I was done in 20 mins coming and going. Was a good deal as the cat was good and nice to work with. This was in Port Townsend. 55 ft Al mast.
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    crack in seacock

    Good call to replace it. That crack made me feel a bit nauseated. Just thinking about it cracking all the way off...
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    35 footer vs 40 footer…

    unless you got money to burn, at least start with a 35 for offshore. That is what I have and I do not want a bigger boat. It is already very pricey.
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    J35 Anarchist

    I am also interested in getting a carbon pole for a 35. maybe someone has a couple of them they are looking to get rid of?
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    a rules question; a silly one maybe

    I like this as an approach. We need more of this in this sport. And I ran the location you have listed in your profile. That made me laugh. Funny stuff.
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    J/35 tall rig

    the one JoeO found is a way better deal.
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    Buying advice for 30' Performance boat? (Great Lakes Sailing)

    ^ FT10. Easy to sail to rating across a wide range of conditions. Fast, simple. Trailer for work and long deliveries.
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    Favorite daysailers with a lifting keel?

    Ultimate 20 seems like a boat that would fit. Can be had and not too expensive. Fast and will plane.
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    J/35 tall rig

    I would pass as well. Rigging is going to be more then the estimate once the custom rig comes into play. The boat looks in tough shape. Lots of work. High chance of wet core in deck. Sails will cost more as well as they are larger.
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    Pacific Cup 2022 - 91 entries and waitlist started

    I just made Neah Bay yesterday after a 20 day uphill battle. This was not an ideal delivery. But the boat and crew made it back in one piece so all is good.
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    Pacific Cup 2022 - 91 entries and waitlist started

    Do it again in 24. That is my goal.
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    California Offshore Race Week 2022

    Way to go Pell Mell. Congratulations to Alex and crew. Great to see Seattle representing. 
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    Washington Sailing Marina Midweek Sailing

    Thank you for the offer. I will pm you 
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    Washington Sailing Marina Midweek Sailing

    Thank you for the info. I was not able to find that on my own... I posted on the crew board. If someone here is looking for crew, just let me know.
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    Washington Sailing Marina Midweek Sailing

    Is there still midweek racing out of the Washington Sailing Marina on the Potomac? I have not been to DC since 2014 and have not been able to find anything online for weeknight racing beside the flying scots on Wednesday which looks like you need to be part of a club to join in on. Last time it...
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    What sunglasses do you wear?

    no one has said Pit Vipers? hahaha. 
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    J35 Anarchist

    Congrats. I have the Boss in the PNW. Fun boats. I just walked by sweetspots old slip and noticed it was gone. 
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    Good LED Tri-Colour / Anchor Light

    I have been using this one for 3 years and love it. Simple, lite and bright. It is only a 2 nm light.  That Marinebeam looks better then this one, however. 

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