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    trailer needed east coast US

    Hi Fretz/Lofty, I moved to Philadelphia a couple years ago. We have a house in Ocean City.  Have done pretty extensive sailing on the West Coast and grew up on the SF Bay.  I have continued to just go west to sail but would like to learn more about the NJ shore scene and get more involved this...
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    Recommended GoPro Set Up?

    Looking to get a GoPro. I sail a lot of dinghies or small keel boats. Any recommendations on the best mounts to buy? Thanks in advance.
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    Spinnaker wraps around cement buoy in SF Bay during race

    Man that's the worst. Watched you guys Sunday as I lounged in the sun on Crissy. J111 fleet taking off. Didnt realize already that many.
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    Express 27 better than Olson 30 for shorthanded sailing ....why?

    Crc....I'm doing all the ocean stuff on our express this year. Just bought epirb, radio, and all the rest of the unnecessary garbage needed to sail in the ocean now. We do all the buoy racing too. Strong fleet. Looking forward to spring OD this weekend and then dh farallone 22nd and Corinthians...
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    Larry Ellison in DAGO RE potential for AC Venue

    Hope it's not in SF. They messed up our sailing schedule last year. Rather sail myself than watch this. San what you can to take it please.....
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    Choosing an Olympic Class

    My impression is the guy wants to learn to sail at an extremely high level..... Goal the Olympics? I dk but would support anyone trying to get on the water. Best way to learn is to be in a fleet with great sailors and in boats that are more technical. 505 in CA is that boat. You want to learn to...
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    Choosing an Olympic Class

    I have a laser at 230. You can cruise when others have to flog to keep the boat flat. Finn prob better since winds in so cal lighter. Consider a 505 if you want to sail against big time sailors on west coast. At 200 you are perfect for the wire. You will learn more about sail trim, rig...
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    2013-14 18 Footer racing 2013 2014 current Season 2013-14

    How come videos don't go on YouTube anymore? Can't use chromecast to watch on your tv.
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    Three Bridge Fiasco in San Francisco Bay

    Dark n stormy finish. Tau Kaui supposedly called in and said we are 300 meters from line with 1 min to go. Didn't make it. Tough day for everyone. If my dad and I didn't quit when we did one of us prob would have ended up in the water haha.
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    2013-14 18 Footer racing 2013 2014 current Season 2013-14

    Would love to see a U.S. Fleet develop. I tried to buy one in SF to no luck. Worked on it for a few months. WORSE one wanted to sail it with me cause "too crazy." Bunch of dorks. Sweet boat, glad doing well. Thanks for the videos. I enjoy them.
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    SF bay area sailing experience

    Awesome for taking him out solo. We took him for a day sail and had a great time. Ended up going out to dinner and everything . Great to meet knew people through sailing.
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    Three Bridge Fiasco 2014 Edition

    Two best boats on the bay. Get one........slightly biased!
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    What's happened to the VX One ?

    How does VX One compare to K-6 speed wise? K-6 trying to catch some traction on Bay. VX One definitely promotes themselves much better. More expensive though. Melges 20 prob not going to catch on here cause so over-priced. Have to think one of these 2-3 man boats will have a shot with the...
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    Which Dinghy For The Bigger Crew?

    505....bigger the better. Perfect weight at 450 imo. Depends on the breeze.
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    Three Bridge Fiasco 2014 Edition

    Abigail Morgan-express 27 in
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    Largest One Design Participation Numbers?

    Agree with 6924. More regional. I live in SF so 95% sailing here. 5% Santa Cruz. That is just my choice. I have sailed Long Beach and the weather was awesome but no wind. No need to travel 8 hours for what I consider to be less fun. I have sailed on the east coast and think it is boring. I'm not...
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    Wondering about the Schock 40

    Tough to compare most boats to expresses. They were ahead of their time and well built. Schock 40 did the offshore series out of sf 15-20 years ago. It was a baby blue hull. They blew people away but if I recall correctly they dropped their canting keel. I thought it was a sweet boat as I was...
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    SF bay area sailing experience

    I can take you out too. Express 27.
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    Laser Question

    I don't know shit tho. I just like to sail and been doing it a long time. Get insights from some others obviously. Laser my number 3 boat. Mostly like to take it surfing under the bridge. Great boats. Great fun.
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    Laser Question

    Newer the better. With that said.....I bought a 76' laser last yr for 900 w/ a trailer. Got new tiller for. 130, re-did outhaul, vang, Cunningham for another 250 or so. I prob could have done for cheaper . My boat will compete. Get a boat, sail it A LOT. Get better. Win.

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