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  1. VeloceSailing

    J80 rudder gudgeons and pin

    Yes, jeverything is now clean and polished. I am just puzzled that the 12mm pin actually as it should be, while all gudgeons are exactly 3mm wider. I thought there might be some gudgeon/busing/pin in existence that I am not aware of. As someone mentioned here, it probably is simply the wrong...
  2. VeloceSailing

    Olson 30 vs New Modern 30' Boats

    You can play around with Selden righting moment calculator. Add and remove rail meat
  3. VeloceSailing

    J80 rudder gudgeons and pin

    I'm sure somebody here can explain... I bought my j80 second hand last year. Halfway through the season the rudder started having a big play between pin and gudgeons. Turns out that the previous owner pushed in some nylon bushings to compensate for slitage and they busted after a ride in big...
  4. VeloceSailing

    Olson 30 vs New Modern 30' Boats

    There's a Farr 30 here in Sweden, turning out at most double-handed events and regularly winning racea
  5. VeloceSailing

    Olson 30 vs New Modern 30' Boats

    Or J/80 if you can go a little smaller
  6. VeloceSailing

    Device that initiates an autopilot goto (or head to wind) for singlehanded man overboard?

    I'd be dun to see with the kite pulling downwind.... as long as I'm not watching from the MOB position :D
  7. VeloceSailing

    Cheap Reliable High Performance AutoPilots?

    Om my current J80 I have a Raymarine EV100. I'd say that it barely does the job but I find it very unpredictable. On my previous boat, a sun fast 32i, I had a pelagic that loved and could rely on in all conditions. Very accurate upwind. Cheapest of all, tough and low consumption Here's a review
  8. VeloceSailing

    What outboard for a j80?

    I had a yamagata 4hp but changed it to a new 4stroke 2.5hp Suzuki, water cooled. Very easy to handle at 13kg, it works to get in and out of the dock, but couldn't push the j80 against a 20kts breeze at more than 1kt and consuming a lot of fuel. We store it just under the cockpit tied to the...
  9. VeloceSailing

    Beneteau First 18SE

    @Blur had one for a season. Perhaps he can give you some tips
  10. VeloceSailing

    How to make the Melges 20 better/simpler

    Big + We got our asymmetric spinnakers as described above on a j80 to sail shorthanded under handicap. Easier to handle than the class gennaker, 17% smaller, great positive impact on rating and as fast
  11. VeloceSailing

    Shorthanded, sportboat, upwind: techniques?

    Good point, no, this is when there's already too much wind on average. It really depends on the race, though. We recently sailed a race in about 24kts wind 20% upwind and decided to go for full main and full jib, it required careful steering and active jib trim for the co-skipper. Had it been a...
  12. VeloceSailing

    Shorthanded, sportboat, upwind: techniques?

    We find it very efficient, but true, it takes a toll on the jib, no doubt.
  13. VeloceSailing

    Shorthanded, sportboat, upwind: techniques?

    We sail distance races doublehanded with a modified j80. We have 4 macro modes: Mode 1 - As long as we are below top close-hauled speed, we drop the traveller when the puff hits, accelerate and pull the traveler back up once the apparent wind moves forward again. We find it difficult to...
  14. VeloceSailing

    Spinnaker handling preferences?

    Personally I prefer no aiding accessories sailing solo, as they add to what could go wrong. With this said, I like and would consider an horizontal snuffer like the one used on catamarans or few monohulls, like the seascape
  15. VeloceSailing

    Gennaker newbie questions

    I've transported a 35 footer singkehanded with a similar set up and was great. No stress, great sail, very versatile. More importantly, you remove some of the major sources of problems (jibe/douse). With this said, your 140 genoa with the whisker pole might be good enough. My experience...
  16. VeloceSailing

    Self-furling mainsail mast conversion?

    In my world, the scenarios you describe are a nightmare and a big deal. Think about these situations singlehanded, as the OP intend to sail and I can't see how wrapping a main around the mast can be done safely. There is a reason why many singlehandedly switch even from the headsail furler to...
  17. VeloceSailing

    ORC Doublehanded World Championships - 2022

    This article on North Sails explains why some of the choices on the Z30+ are what they are. It's in Swedish, but quite ok translated with Google translate Z30+
  18. VeloceSailing

    J/80 jib halyard tension

    I solved the issue with a clutch on my J80, however I like the idea of a cunningham.
  19. VeloceSailing

    New boat for solo/double for inshore, Vic-Maui, Transpac and cruising

    Check it the Aeolos P45 Apologies P45 Contact Hans Genthe who produces the P30. As far as I know, the P45 is a concept based on the P30. It seems to fit the bill and the price might be interesting. Probably a long lead time though
  20. VeloceSailing

    J80 as a day Sailer

    I changed down from a Sun Fast to a J80 just before winter with similar thoughts. I was looking for a fun, simple boat that allows coastal as well as brief offshore stretches. Mainly for racing, possibly day or weekend sailing. So far, I am loving it.  Plenty of food for thought on...

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