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    Sailor Charged in Clear Lake Death

    I second the motion! 4ktsb!
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    Disabled, Enabled (from front pg)

    Dawg, I'll buy a 12pk of Heine in honor of ya! Who said advertising doesn't work!?
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    The 13.8

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    Shut Up and Drive

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    What Is It?

    Phuket 25
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    On The Water, But....

    Look on
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    Sailor of the Month

    Dean Barker I feel that taking away gear failure and temporarily forgetting he was on port, TNZL sailed more consistent, less flyers, more commanding. TXRS
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    What do you get from Sailing Anarchy???

    I'm here for the fun. Always great news and updates, thanks to the Ed, Mr. Clean, and all who contribute. Even the flaming liberal Bush bashing is quite entertaining. For those of us that are confined to small lake sailing, it keeps us in touch with the rest of the world. RS
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    Question of the Week

    For my 1978 Ranger 22 in East Texas, UK-Halsey Texas in Seabrook. Pedro Gianotti was very helpful. I don't know about service, haven't needed it yet.
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    It Begins

    Thank you for including us in this process. Permanent back stay looks extended from the transom. Maybe runners are for tweaking only and can be moved to the shrouds for crusing. Smaller main for cruising?