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    Mighty Merloe

    maybe Oprah would like to go sailing with DL on cauliflower crust piazza dinner cruise..
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    Captains Compass Charter BVI Review

    we, some friends and I chartered from Brent at least once maybe a second time. we had pretty good luck with everything. some glitches, however we were able to fix some stuff. I think the last time we chartered from some one else I think in St Thomas and sailed to BVIs. I am surprised he survived...
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    Electric Winch Handles

    I have used a large Milwaukee right angle drill on a Friends Saber 42 for main halyard. Worked well had to Do last few feet by hand . Some of these drills are two speed, you want low speed. And I wondered about using Winch's low speed which would necessitate putting drill in reverse. And not...
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    Libertist 703 - new folding and foiling trimaran

    The color red brings on seasickness
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    Dufus from the Front Page

    Can ed. still name it Anarchy 5 or 6,or does he have to share with the new guy, and get his wife's OK???
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    Fortune Favors The Brave

    Crowther 55? Spirit of something??
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    Floating Boat Lift - Sailboat

    Do you have a boat person to accomplish this maneuver for you and then ferry you out to your yacht twice each time you go yachting? Sounds like fun. I'm sure Capt Ron would do it.
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    Craigslist Finds

    Celebrities aren't as deep as the picture, less v in bottom. We had a few sailing in Quogue, NY, now they are sitting on trailers and not being sailed,
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    Floating Boat Lift - Sailboat

    You want to keep floating lift at mooring or club dock, lift boat out of water then motor the whole setup to your dock? What is going to power lifting device? what is going to propel lifting device? What is your budget? How big a boat? You talking about a mobile dry dock?
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    Schooner Mary E Sinks

    When the Mary E was in Greenport we chartered her for a sunset cruise for my brothers bachelor party. At the last moment a couple of friends, females, abandoned ship after checking it out. On the way out the mate kept pouring buckets of water down the hatch to cool the engine. As the fog rolled...
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    Heading to the 1000 ISL NY, Do I need a NY state boaters license?

    go to Bolt Castle's boat house and pretend you are  a real yachtie
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    Zero Turn Anarchy

    I have been cutting my lawns since 1980s best move was getting a Toro Z time cutter 42 came with mulcher and bagger which I use it was a machine tested by consumer reports then I got it. Have done all maintenance parts are easy to get etc. Get a good set of Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones
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    looks like a Newick Val 30' . there were several versions but that looks like original center cockpit with small fore and aft cabins
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    Sarasota Youth Accident

    Couple of years ago a child was killed in the LI sound after that I put prop guards on all our YC instructor boats. about 5 of them small investment for safety. Didn't change performance any. As for kill switches wear them.
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    Ericson 35? Ed is mooching for pickle dishes

    Thought I saw an Ericsson 35-2 on Long Island Craigslist, wrong coast for DC, but...... I look for link
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    Seek advice on forced buyout of 1/3 share in sailboat

    I guess that I am going to have to call my lawyer in order to see any tits
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    This is what happens when you fail to compensate for prop walk

    New NASCAR series Cruise ship Demolition Derby. Captain over the loud speakers, "Did I miss anybody?"
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    Sailing from LA to SF, Solo w/ Little Experience

    Is this Meli? Good luck. Do you have lots of bananas?
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    what is it?

    carbon 3
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    Off Soundings Series and low pressure systems.

    2 nd hand report today of 2 dismantling on Friday