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    Black Pearl

    3 reasons... 1. It's cheap, each sail panel is relatively small and bear in mind she's effectively a square rigger AND a cruising boat then you are not looking at the 'nth' degree of sail shape... 2. The most important one... What happens when your furling system shits the bed... topsails are...
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    Tis Jamie's boat in John's shed
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    Funniest Lines Heard While Racing

    This didn't happen in Sydney did it by any chance?
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    what is it?

    Oceanco Y714 - 110m Lobanov design - Longest Superyacht launched in Holland... That's all I can say...
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    New Super Yacht - inverted bow section?

    The story of the bow is unusual, but not to be told I am afraid. She will float on her lines when completed, no problem... For all the doubters out there - just think of what 100m of waterline gives for a hull speed... With 3 Dyna rigs fully wicked up...
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    NYYC Invitational Cup

    I can confirm that Better Than.. didn't have anything modified that would have taken us out of One-Design or made us any faster than any of the other 42's, as someone pointed out at times we were anything but rather than better than! Still hurts to hike that hard! Congrats to the regatta team...
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    what is it?

    that's Cowes, Isle of Wight unless I am mistaken...
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    caribbean 600...who's in?

    Was most likely a rigging failure, but it was never confirmed (the rig was deep sixed) - though it wasn't being pushed at the time the rig failed, only a staysail and full main, underwicked for the conditions for sure. There was more sail up the day before whilst training... As it was only 1...
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    Round Britain & Ireland

    Surely you'd just bear away in Osbourne bay (on Port at the moment) and then gun it for the outer end of the line (which is what in the SI's?) - may require a tack but hopefully they'll get the lift on Port close in to the Medina?
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    Round Britain & Ireland

    29.7kt for the last couple of mins... Hauling the mail!!!
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    Round Britain & Ireland

    Just managed a 27.7kt average for the last little tracker section... Wish I was in a Rib watching this... 1 tack and in I think...
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    Backstay length question Ker 46

    Don't go sailing and adjust the bottlescrews under load! Having done plenty of miles on the boat, not using the mast jack is a good way of trashing the rigging screws! We would adjust the shims upand down from a base setting depending on the wind strength, that is how the system is designed...
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    VOR Leg 7

    I think AD might be gybing... Don't think they could get onto GP4's line though...
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    what is it? and where is it going?

    Not unless they finished it in the 2 weeks since I was there, which I very much doubt... Ker 40 - Dutch I think...
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    Team Beaudacious

    Know Sammie well, very good yachter... She has sailed on both Weapon and Gladiator in the TP fleet...
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    Ker40 - latest IRC weapon?

    Memory Lane from when she was 'Bounder' for a year... (Not Jess, but hi!)
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    GoPro Video's

    Not my video, but I was onboard... Hell of a ride when the wind got up!
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    Favourite sailing quote?

    Years ago, when sailing on a J-105 on a very windy day in the Solent... Discussion at the back regarding which chute to put up, big one or little Chicken chute (bearing in mind it was blowing a good 25 gusting 30) - mainsheet (also a sailmaker) to the tactician, 'real men don't eat Quiche'...
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    Around Britain Ireland Race

    Coming to work this morning Leopard was tied up in her normal berth in Ocean Village - Rig was still in the boat so no idea what went wrong!
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    Roll It - Melges 32 Worlds Day 2

    Make sure you get the Highlife Chicks on, and embarrass Kirsty by telling her lots of people are watch it in the UK!