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    Express 37 in-boom block & tackle

    I going to guess he bought Pazzo.
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    i done did it

    Somebody Else is being very hard on the H33. Making one go upwind fast is a learning process. Year #1 sailing mine it would have been very easy to jump on the "they just don't go upwind well" bandwagon. I could never beat an O30, J29, Sov33, etc. to the windward mark. Year 2 after learning...
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    i done did it

    Well he did do pretty well both boat for boat and corrected against a Melges 32 and just about every other boat in the Newport to SD race (the FT was DNF). Hence my comment it would be an interesting read.
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    i done did it

    An interesting read would be the Ed's take on his modified H33 vs his two Flying Tigers. Which is the faster boat boat at various wind angles/speeds, waves, etc.? Numerous H33's have done the various Transpacs. Has the Flying Tiger (with appropriate modifications)? How did he justify paying...
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    Motor Scooter Anarchy?

    Most of Berkeley's women's beach volleyball team get from class to practice on one of these: You need to be smart to get into Berkeley so how could you go wrong? Bought my daughter one last weekend after she told me she was riding on...
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    Talk me out of buying this Santa Cruz 50

    Buy an Olson 30 or Hobie 33.  Plan to keep it for a year and teach your daughter and wife how to sail.  Spend a weekend or two on it during that time.  If everyone enjoys themselves, then sell it and go out and buy a SC50.  It will seem like a palace compared to those boats.  Another SC50 in...
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    Talk me out of buying this Santa Cruz 50

    Do a little research on the broker... oh, here let me help you: I was loyal customer.  Purchased 3 boats over the years from him and ended up with a bunch of grief on the last one. Run and don't look back.
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    New Moore 33

    When the Hobie 33 was launched, with sails, bottom paint, and basic electronics, out the door they were just under $30K.  For comparison purposes a new Corvette was about the same price, just under $30K. In 1983, as a moderately successful 30-year-old, I was able to afford both, along with my...
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    Solar-Powered Shipping to Save 250 Million Tons of Fuel Per Year

    Better check your facts.  There are not "hundreds of thousands ships".  The number is less than 54,000 according to Google: I'm all for reducing pollution, but incorrect facts will hurt the debate.  The...
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    Sail or Bail?

    I would guess the asking price will be a lot less after TransPac, especially if delivery is taken in Honolulu.
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    Transgender teens outrun track and field competitors

    Gone in PA?  I was thinking J Boat Anarchy.
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    Transgender teens outrun track and field competitors

    Most female State Champions and Runners Up get athletic scholarships which can be worth $100K++.  I suspect many of the parents whose daughters which were born with female bodies and just missed out on getting their full ride will be none too happy.  With this kind of financial incentive I...
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    Transgender teens outrun track and field competitors

    Wouldn't this be like allowing J35s to race J33s in OD simply because they had a female skipper?
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    Chicken Chute

    To answer your question if a chicken chute is a worthwhile investment on a Hobie 33, my answer would be no.   Your 75 oz. will be the faster sail 99.9% of the time.   When there is more wind than your .75 can handle a poled out #2 or #3 will be the fastest set up and will be less likely to break...
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    Hobie 33 anyone?

    First PacCup Race when the boat new (see page 72):
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    Race 19---The Great Americas Cup Race 2013

    How Oracle accomplished “the impossible”: 10%; Oracle fixed their boat speed and handling issues race “four” or “five” and were no longer slower than TNZ. Since race 5, the boat speeds have been incredibly close. 90%; the after guard on Oracle now consists of 3 individuals. TNZ has two...
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    Americas Cup, Race 16 and 17

    iwindsurf buoys at Anita Rock, nearest to the start gate, shows west wind @ 7 knots, Treasure Island, near leeward gate, 6 knots. It's still Easterly at the airport. Not a good sign.. We will be waiting for a while.
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    Americas Cup, Race 16 and 17

    Aren’t more AC viewers finding these whiners complaining about the time limits more that annoying? One guy asks what happens if they finish in 41 minutes? What a stupid question. They don’t finish. The race is abandoned. Kind of like when the last shot in a basketball takes place one-tenth...
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    Americas Cup, Race 14 and 15

    Rain just South of the City playing havoc with the wind. Directions and speed at near-by buoys all over the place.
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    Americas Cup, Race 14 and 15

    4 miles utside the Golden gate wind is coming from the SSW at 7 knots. 5 miles further out only 5 knots. Inside it 10 but SW. My guess is no race.