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    I don't remember which boat or who was onboard, and it was more of a graze than a direct hit. The next day, I do remember climbing down the bank at Magic Island and wading out to that rock. I was standing inside the channel with that marker behind me closer to the land. Rocks on an island made...
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    It's amazing how that large concrete structure that's been planted there for decades jumped out and hit them! (Just like the submerged rock marked by that structure jumped out and hit me.)
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    Question Regarding Aussie Power boats

    Those Moreton Bay crocs are a real nuisance.
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    Question Regarding Aussie Power boats

    Yep, I saw that, too.  Some clever engineering, that's for sure.
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    Question Regarding Aussie Power boats

    The boat reported to me would have been in the Brisbane area, probably around Manly/RQYS or the trailer boat YC next door.  It trailerable and likely around 6-7 meters in length.  I have looked at hundreds of photos of boats for sale in QLD and see nothing like it.  I doubt that someone would...
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    Question Regarding Aussie Power boats

    I will look; thanks!  
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    Question Regarding Aussie Power boats

    I don't know if this is the right forum, but my daughter and her family live in the land down undah in the Moreton Bay environs.  They saw a power boat in the 6-7 meter or so size range and apparently the sides fold down to make a swim platform. They werevery interested to know more about it.  I...
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    Honda 2.3 HP Winter Storage?

    Run it out of fuel, then pull the choke and empty the fuel from the carb.  Hit the shut-off when it dies. I actually ran the carb empty every time I used it.  And yes, 100% ethanol free fuel only!  Make sure to store it right side up or vertical. 
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    1,900 containers into the Pacific

    To my friends in Hawaii: I've been waiting since August for a new compressor for my (on warranty) GE beverage refrigerator. The part is coming from somewhere on the eastern side of the Pacific.  If you find one in a container that washed up on the beach, it's mine. You can keep the other stuff. 
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    Frank Butler - 8 bells

    We'v owned several sailboats-cruising and racing.  We've  never had more fun than we did in our C22!
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    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    USA nuclear submarines make oxygen by separating water molecules into O and H. I once asked a retired sub commander what they did with the leftover hydrogen, thinking they converted it into some kind of energy form.  His response was that the expel it back into the sea as quickly as possible...
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    It's coming, (winter)

    And the mildew.  Don't forget the mildew. I just noticed I need to change my profile. It still says Honolulu and I'm sitting here in Anacortes near the ferry dock.  I don't think we're in Hawaii anymore, Toto.
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    New Moore 33

    Plus, the damn thing won't surf! 
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    New Moore 33

    And for the love of God, DO NOT sail offshore in a Cal 40 with its death-trap spade rudder!
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    There is

    a mountain, then there is no mountain, and then there is.
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    Night Runner is on the market

    Do you know where? Cap Sante or Anacortes Marina perhaps?
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    Puget Sound Anarachy

    All of the Anacortes restaurants and bars are open in some capacity for dine-in/take-out/dine and drink outside/etc.  Dad's Diner included.  However, by mid-August who knows?  There are three takeaway food vendors adjacent to the parking lot at Cap Sante for a quick al fresco lunch: Mexican...
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    Anyone gotten a boat into Canada from the US recently?

    You might talk to Waggoner's here in Anacortes.  One of their reps gave a talk on the virtual Anacortes Boat Show relating his transit in and out of Canada for commercial/business purposes.  Also, he indicated that it's possible to transit through Canadian waters to SE Alaska; however, I don't...
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    Coolboats to admire

    There's a great documentary, coupled with vintage footage from the original cinematographer brought along on the voyage, on Amazon Prime: Shackleton's Captain.
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    The coolest performance cruiser on the planet

    Shaggybaxter makes good points.  In Hawaii's tradewinds, we often played the traveller instead of the sheet.  It's much easier and quicker under a load and less tiresome for the trimmer.  I cannot image the ease-hike-trim routine of big breeze sailing in a keel boat by constantly manipulating...

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