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    Can the office jockey's get an update? Saw the general recall and the first race yesterday, wind from NW made the water flat, but it calmed quickly. Was I right in counting 5 protest flags in the first race alone? Results?
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    Two ships go bump in the night . .

    "I swear captain, I watched 'Wind' like 20 times. This Wumper will really speed us up..."
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    The 13.8

    price is right rule - $2- In reality, Flying Tiger uses China to be cheaper, to change the paradigm of expensive boats, and to make people buy these things by eliminating all other choices. I'm going to say $126,500 and guess that they were shooting for a sub $100k price but just couldn't do it.
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    Living in London

    I had the same opportunity, however with Switzerland. I took it, it's worth it. If your company is worth a crap, they will make sure that your salary and benefits make financial concerns go away....especially as you are the one moving thousands of miles to help the company. Sailing - Yes...
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    Megan Fox does Nikita...

    Hell Yes! You can find it in the grocery store aisle next to Jumbo Shrimp....
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    Megan Fox does Nikita...

    Please tell me Brian Austin Green read this and is working on a reunion. If not, he's a fag, she's a les, and they are just getting married to get a cool fondue set...
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    'Capitalist' student auctions off virginity

    I'm all for this, and think these women should do whatever they can to squeeze money out of whatever overpaid dude is willing to take his shot. If someone is willing to pay a mil or more for a few minutes (I'm betting max 3 if the dude is paying this much), then the joke is on the guy, not the...
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    She's 50

    I think anyone over 35 might have "dedicated one" to her back in the 80's, but come on... And that voice... would require the oil spill rag and duct tape to shut her up on the boat, and she would need to be positioned far from me...yet looking at her, I'm not sure I'd want her on the pointy end...
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    The Girls of Porto Cervo

    Well done, Cleans. As a sailor, and father of two daughters, I'd be delighted to have my little "hotties" in your display above. As they are both blonde and blue, it would be a good mix for the Italien hotties as well! Unfortunately the drive from Zurich to Cervo (err...including ferry) was...
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    Puma Volvo 70 2008 "Under Sail"

    That sleek pu$$y would be fun to ride.... B)
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    BMWO - DOG/CAT Spy Photos

    We really need to focus on what is important here. Not the hull, or windblade, or whatever may be shrink wrapped, but instead... The fantastic color of the truck pulling it. I think I have discovered the next hull color for my boat. I don't think Ernie or Lar would let a Porno Purple truck...
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    XXX Annual J/24 Midwinters

    I'm doing this remotely from Switzerland. Let me see if the same drunk is by the same bar and still capable with the cell phone camera...
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    XXX Annual J/24 Midwinters

    Top Boats after Day Three as follows... Zaleski Parker Hillman Welles Chalconer Bream Clark Snow Mollicone Smith Rossi Johnstone Enright Borrer Till Malone Yoder
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    XXX Annual J/24 Midwinters

    As a former organizer of the regatta, I will say that we have always done the updates poorly. Reason being that we planned for 8 months, then we sailed also and tend to be first to the bar... Scores should be posted within a couple of hours...
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    XXX Annual J/24 Midwinters

    Seems the protest room is crowded after 4 races yesterday and results were not finalised until late, late. I called the club and RC has already left the dock, so unlikely we will get results from Day 2 until Day 3 is over.... Pulled this from the blog posted above... Top 10: Doug Clark 35pts...
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    XXX Annual J/24 Midwinters

    Racing started today in 15-18kts average. No report on first race. Then again, I'm in friggin Switzerland freezin' my nads off. Congrats on another great event to the organizing crew at DIYC, you guys do one hell of a job. Cheers, wish I were there. JT
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    Boat Found Drifting. Skipper Missing.

    Where's the other articles that detail the family and friends searching for missing computer geek with a corona addiction? Seems that departure in October for a (insert gilligan music here) three hour cruise would have maybe come up in the news in ... oh, say OCTOBER? Whoever the dude, sorry...
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    Dr. Death?

    I hate cold water regattas where I have to breakout the "piss poncho"!
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    Question of the Week

    My bad. I'll have her home early this Friday night, maybe just a hummer in the car. Then I'll meet you by the boat Saturday morning to do the repairs. Love, The Crew
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    Circle Jerk?

    I do tactics and my dad steers. I'm old, he's grey, so this isn't some teenager posting about how we get amped up. We don't spend a lot of time on the meeting, maybe three or four minutes. The routine is everyone taking or being told their role on the boat, a review of the course and boat...

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