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    Who do you love

    PUMA!!!!!! GO, il Mostro, GO
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    Got a work project

    The "frame" of a kite is made of a bunch of poly tubes inside of tubes that are made of a pretty heavy weight spinn cloth. Same concept as a tube tire. I demand 5% royalties. The fabric itself is not what contains the air, it just limits how much the tube can expand.
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    NBC has complete video coverage on their site, it takes a little searching. If you are up at 1 pm beijing time, its on live with commentary. they are 12hrs out of phase with the eastern US coast, means you'll be up at 1am.
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    the Olympics, America's Cup, or VOR?

    VOR. Unless I was a heavy favorite in the olympics, that would probably lead to a spot on an AC and/or VOR boat.
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    Gulf of maine scuttlebut

    maybe, but why such late notice?
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    Gulf of maine scuttlebut

    That sucks. whats the reasoning, weather? Gulf of Maine Racing News The local lowdown on sailboat racing in the Gulf of Maine August 1, 2008 This just in... the Handy Boat Midsummer Regatta, scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 2, has been cancelled. But never fear, there is still more racing on tap.
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    Crash bar fabrication

    My dog could build a jeep. It takes real skill to build a toyota. Use stainless, or carbon. Its your money, you decide.
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    what the fuck.
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    screw isaf & olympics - how do we get into x games?

    Forgot to mention. That AC coverage was good last summer. maybe in the next decade we'll get some more.
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    screw isaf & olympics - how do we get into x games?

    They race on kiteboards???? Its only a matter of time til Xgames picks it up. As for extreme sailing? not so much... Maybe windsurfing
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    When will DoG-Zilla be unleashed

    09/06/08 I take an XL. Blue prefered, red ok.
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    Sydney Hobart 2008

    Dude, Im the best sailor in the world. haha. But seriously, do people pay to sail the Sydney Hobart? besides like room an board?
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    One tough guy having a very bad day...

    Kinda a strange video. Got EPIRB?
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    Sydney Hobart 2008

    they want me to pay to sail on some old, slow ass boat, in the Sydney Hobart? Should be paying me.
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    Numbers v Alegre v Moneypenny

    does belle mente fit into the 65ft category?
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    Proper course

    Actually I dont really race dinghys any more. Only big boats (B36.7/J105), about 4 times a week. I wasnt suggesting that he should've jibed. sorry. sorry for the hijack/useless info.
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    Morning light movie trailer

    Stupid fuckers arguing over whether the sailors are experienced. Publicity is good for our sport.
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    Proper course

    Ive done that in dinghys. Stupid proper course, why don't they just quantize it and say. Something like leeward boat has rights to drive weather boat all the way to head to wind. or 90* to wind. Maybe in the next couple generations of rule books.
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    How do canards work?

    ok. I'm a retarded non-expert. WTF is the difference?
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    threw my shades in the lake

    watch and they are liquidators. keep a close watch on those type of sites. they usually have atleast one thing worth buying a day.

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