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    Dell Laptop Lemon?

    Wifey, who spent the last 15 years of her career as an IT nerd, bought a Dell 6 or 7 years ago. Long story short there was a huge cluster fuck regarding a Windows update that Dell forced upon her machine that couldn’t be reversed that basically bricked her computer. After prolly 20 hours with...
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    Sunset pictures

    That, sure as shit, isn’t a current picture as there isn’t 20 feet of snow ;)
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    LONQR 2

    Great, now I get to spend my Sunday just like I spent my Saturday.
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    LONQR 2

    Thank you for getting me to waste several hours going down that rabbit hole :love:
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    Random PicThread

    I wouldn't want to be one of the guys on a ladder if they turned those hoses on.
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    Those who do know shit about tools

    You've got a relationship with your parts dealer; no one ever said relationships are free.
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    Jesus Died

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    Starlink: At some point, corporations have to choose sides; consumers have a duty, too.

    Funding or the government pays for services rendered, such as launches? As I understood it, Starlink is cutting off access to targets inside Russia. The Ukraine can still target locations in the Ukraine. But perhaps I have been mislead by bias reporting.
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    Snow Skiing 22/23

    Yesterday was, as forecasted, epic. Cool temps but bluebird skies no wind and great snow. It was so fun to stick around for an extra day and not have to run off to the office. I'm kinda liking this retirement thing. Trying to find some time in my busy schedule to visit the BIL and SIL in...
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    Snow Skiing 22/23

    Currently snowed in at mammoth Can’t get to the main streets. Wind is gusting up to 30mph. Most of the mountain is closed. After 2 hardcore days it’s a good time to take a breather. Tomorrow should be epic.
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    Phuck you Phil!

    Don’t necessarily need to go to Argentina And yes I’ve shot in Argentina before
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    "National Cleavage Day"

    Wasn't that Judy?
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    Random PicThread

    WTF is that thing?
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    Transom fell off

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    Florida Man

    And big ears
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    Snow Skiing 22/23

    With all the storms on the west coast, I'm having problems getting out when the mountain is actually open top to bottom. Don't want to do the 4 hour + drive to ski the bunny slopes and wait in 30 minute lines because they only have 10% of the lifts open. First world problems for sure.
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    Good to see you're back