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    Mark Olson: Arrested, numerous criminal sex acts

    He would drug women and while they were unconscious, rape them. Additional links:
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    Mark Olson: Arrested, numerous criminal sex acts Mark Olsen is a Great Lakes sailor.   The sailing community is a very special place.  It's heartbreaking to learn about Mark's alleged crimes and worse to find out that a number of his victims are sailors. ...
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    Chicago Mac Race

    Jeezus... it was another boat?! And here I thought it was just a fan/spectator...
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    Chicago Mac Race

    Anyone know who PrincessM is? Very very unhelpful to tweet unsubstantiated info. Those of us on JHawker had to calm down a number of concerned friends and family who thought we were sinking and in our raft. Thanks to the folks here for not adding to the mass panic.
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    never fuckin' mind

    OK, so what am I doing? Oh, I'm chasing this guy. No... he's chasing me.
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    Annapolis Wednesday Night - Spot for Photographer?

    Local photographer is looking for a ride to get some sailing/racing/action shots. She has considerable boat experience but less sailing no racing experience. Anyone have a spot?
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    Windsor Overnight race

    I thought they changed the name of it to May-Fly Overnight Race.
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    what the hell..

    Are you really a teacher?
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    Laptops and flying

    Google 'click of death' It wasn't the flying.
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    iphone help

    You have probably not configured iTunes correctly and the songs that won't play are DRM'ed. Using a wifi connection launch iTunes and confirm that its configured with your iTunes account info.
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    Dealing with passive-aggressive behaviour

    I really feel your pain with this... there is nothing worse than working with an insecure, paranoid, passive aggressive pain in the ass. I was very inclined to agree with a poster above who said you need to just ignore it but if you truly feel that you need to protect yourself then I would...
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    Freak waves, BBC documentary on YouTube

    Thanks for the link! Very interesting stuff.
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    Don't Like Palin?

    You do remember a guy named Karl Rove, right?
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    Hottest Female Athelete

    I'd vote for Gabby Reece.
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    I would love to know what was going through this woman's mind

    Around here 'old school, by the book' Admiral's would take look at this article, shake his head and go on about more important business. Old school guys know what its like to lead and lose men. They know what its like for families go without a spouse. They know what its like to come home from...
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    I would love to know what was going through this woman's mind

    She's not an embarrassment to me at all. Most of us have a better grasp of what is important in life. Slightly long grass just isn't high on the list. It sounds like she doesn't have alot of support where she is. They could be at a small base or maybe moved to an area where there aren't alot...
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    I would love to know what was going through this woman's mind

    I am an officer's wife. My husband, who is very career oriented, wouldn't be embarrassed or humiliated if I let the grass get long and a neighbor with too much time on their hands whined to the authorities. I'd also like to think that Rear Admiral Maddison has bigger issues on his plate that...
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    My 1st Mate

    Sending good thoughts your way.
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    How bad is it Anarchy

    Here! Here! for the guys that get the snip! Much much better semi-permanent option than hormones or TL for the women (which can cause early menopause and other hormone related issues.)
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    Looking for love

    Please tell me that site is a joke! LMAO