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    Trailer sailer insurance

    When having it attached to your homeowners insurance will that raise your entire rate making a claim?  Would separate be better from that perspective?
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    No power after sparks

    Are the wires shorted hot to neutral or through something causing the GCFI to trip but show power to both the hot and the neutral? I've had overheated corrrosion/carbon coating connections before that has done weird stuff.
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    Short wave radio? is the place to go for shortwave info.  I have a Tecsun pl-380 I've been happy with.  I bought my father in-law the C.Crane Skywave non ssb like the one that Slug suggested and was impressed.  SSB will get you weather downloads (if they still broadcast it) and listening in on...
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    Rotten Dinghy Transom - Suggestions?

    My Albacore, Whitby 2340, the transom is mostly skin with the plywood part shaped like a "T".  Basically the plywood only supports the traveler over the hole for the tiller out to the corners and in the middle under the tiller hole down to the bottom to support the tiller hardware.  That strip...
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    Rotten Dinghy Transom - Suggestions?

    That looks alot like my ancient Whitby Albacore.  Someone had updated my traveler with a harken and used those at the corners because the car had sheaves.  Anyway it looks alot cleaner when people just poke holes with chafe protection and lead the bridle through the holes.  The same holes your...
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    Technautics generic freezer thermostat

    I've done commercial refrigeration for the last 22 years and can say I'd be surprised if a Penn A19 thermostat wouldn't work.  It's pretty much industry standard and mechanical, so just 2 wires.  However, I've only sailed on dinghys and have never seen a marine freezer installed so wouldn't know...
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    Prop guards on junior sailing chase boats

    What about a boat like the old mullet skiffs that didn't have the chopper out back, but in the middle?  Or any of the designs for handling nets where the prop isn't right out back.
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    Fulcrum Speedworks Rocket

    I thought Panbo started covering paint mixers when I first saw it.  But for someone who thinks they need aux propulsion that doesn't require physical labor in a dinghy, I think this may be the easiest solution.
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    Fulcrum Speedworks Rocket

    Auxiliary Propulsion:
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    Best tool to shorten stainless bolts?

    Milwaukee M18 Brushless threaded rod cutter?
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    Caption Contest

    I spent way too long on this.
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    Pre 1993 Harken 150 Rebuild

    Search Yeggi for a 3d printer file?  
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    Daysailer for old people

    I always wanted a Soverel 28 MORC for a daysailer.
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    Covid-19 Mask Anarchy

    Mask wise couldn't we cut up MERV 16 or 17 air filters for effective protection? They are already pleated like in the video.  And the filtration comes with some sort of certification.
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    VHF AIS? Transponder

    I'm waiting and saving for the Vesper Cortex that I saw over on Panbo.  Looks amazing.
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    3D iso Rotomoulding?

    Imagine a ship collecting plastic in the ocean, recycling it to filament for printing its own barges to haul the trash back to land.  Or islands collecting the trash washed up and printing fishing boats or whatever else the island needs.
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    Capri 14.2 Roof Racks For Honda Si

    You guys are over thinking this.  I just sawzalled the front into a reverse bow, which in addition to making the boat faster, allows me to flip the boat upside in the driveway, put the transom against the ole doublewide and drive the car into the bow.  The reverse bow rides up and over the...
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    boats that can do shallow water with dagger and kickup rudder for 1ft or less.

    There are a few RL24's in the US, but most of them are pretty worn out by now.  They can float in 1 ft or so with the board up.  They don't have much ballast though.  
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    Rob Legg of RL24 Fame passed on Feb. 11th

    Saw on the RL24 Faceboook page that Rob Legg passed.  He was the designer/builder of the great RL24 trailer sailor.  On the RLYACHTS.NET site there is a great series of articles telling his story getting into sailing and building boats.  I just acquired one of these and am readying it for next...
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    what is it?

    It says Parker on it, so something to be replaced by an equivalent Sporlan part?