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    Dude wants a boat - skiff maybe?

    Maybe a cheaper alternative would be a Laser II i know its not a skiff but its still Decently quick and if sailed at a club with handi cap racing it would be great...Maybe even a old Fireball..
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    Dude wants a boat - skiff maybe?

    Id suggest two Optis.....there small enough.....
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    I14 New Boom, Knav / Inverted Vang Controls

    Well I just bought a new boom from ICE, My question is how have you run the control lines for the Knav are they attached to the mast or to the boom? Pictures would be a great help. Thanks,
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    Need A New Boom...Anyone near the Gorge?

    Hey Guys, Well my Fat Skip broke my boat again this weekend, Now I need a new Boom, any suggestions? I have some friends sailing lasers in the gorge this week and if you know of any down in that area it would be perfect. New or Used I really don't care. If you know of a shop close to the area...
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    i14 Line Lengths

    Be a MAN! Do Da Right thing!
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    how to crew for a skiff

    Yah, those Fat Crews will really Kill you......But if there quick off the wire they can make up for it.
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    laser radial setup

    Funny I saw 8-10knots of wind with chop, this seems like a steady condition in most parts of the world. I simply expanded on a few of your statements about sheeting out. I figured it would be a bad thing for him to just be dumping the main sheet when he wanted to speed up. My bad.
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    laser radial setup

    I agree with all of the points stated by Cunningham exept for the fact that you need to be proactive with the sheeting. Learn how to effectivly drive the short waves, Look ahead of you for the larger waves, When you see one power up(Sheet out and bear off slightly) and drive right through the...
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    need a new radial sail

    The Mrk 6 has a better cut to it so that the leach can open when you apply the cunningham and aide in depowering the sail and is better suited to the lighter weight person and can be nodiced by its blue corners. I do not beleve that the mrk 5 is still in production. when i first started sailing...
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    The Laser traveler

    sheet In block to block, snug up the vang so there is no slack in the vang line. Cunningham on till the wrinkles are gone. Out haul off enough so you can put your hand ontop of the cleat on top of the boom and tickle the sail with ur fingers.
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    Used I14 Kite

    Im Looking for a Used I14 kite that someone would be willing to part with? I will be at I14 NA's. The Kite will need to fit a B3.
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    i14 Daggerboard

    What exactly is a gybing Centerboard??
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    I-14 B3 Tuning Guide

    Im Located in Edmonton, Alberta. We now have 4 B3's up here now but I was wondering if anyone else had any secerets they could let out of the bag.. Pete- You say the bottom of the transom..Where exactly on the transom are you talking about?
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    Laser windvanes

    I enjoy the Davis Black Max modified so the Vane is on the bottom of the bracket, this just helps to prevent the indicator from going swimming when u get close to a newbe....They are also accurate and very efective when going downwind in a laser and useful after a capsize going upwind when ur...
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    I-14 B3 Tuning Guide

    Recently Purchased a Bieker 3 with a CST14 mast. Is there anyone out there with a manual that they have put together through time that they would care to share. Thanks

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