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    Aluminum RIB bottom paint question

    I'm curious as to the answer on this as well. We're looking at painting an aluminum dinghy we keep in Maine. By the end of the year, it gets a significant layer of growth on it. I figured slapping some paint on it would make a big difference. Sounds like copper is a no-no, so looks my go-to of...
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    J/111 as a Multipurpose Boat?

    The guidepost I initially used was 10 to 20% of the as-new price of the boat; for the 29, that was around $150k I figured (I bought it used). My number over the last 6 years cruising her was probably closer to 10% per year. That was doing a bunch of work myself and keeping everything in good but...
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    J/111 as a Multipurpose Boat?

    Think you made a good choice. My first boat with my wife and 2 kids was a Dehler 29, which had the same interior arrangement as the j-boat. It is a great setup for young families - we sailed it for close to a decade - Chicago to the Bahamas, then up the East coast. Also a smaller boat will let...
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    Nesting dinghy designed to plane under power?

    The US marines discovered that horsepower was the answer for the expeditionary vehicle. Needed to plane at 25+ knots IIRC. They canceled it, because of cost. Probably doesn't row well, either.
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    Connect with J/88 Oceanvolt owner?

    It should be possible; the BMW i3 uses a similar setup with a small gasoline powered generator to power the car for extended range. Of course, it might require a $5000 charge adapter...
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    Using your new anchor with kinetic rope

    Over-engineering solutions are critical on live-aboards. You never know when the $hit hits the fan, and overbuilt anchor + rode setup is essential. Hence the reason most experienced long-term cruisers end up with all chain. We originally had 10m + 100 feet of 8-plait on a 29 foot racer/cruiser...
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    Rogue wave formation research

    Yeah, but still no guidance on how to predict it or what conditions should be avoided. Also no discussion of current, which I find odd.
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    Reducing Anchor Swinging

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    Laser 28

    You might consider the Dehler 29. Little more comfortable down below, and quick (particularly with the deep keel). May not be towable at 6800lbs though. Enjoyed mine...
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    Anchoring a Sprit Boat

    We lived aboard our Dehler 29 for 8 months through the Bahamas, including several hard blows. All anchor rode is the best solution - significantly reduced the wagging. We tried a drogue off the stern - didn't make a difference. In 30+ you don't want to anchor by the stern - the dodger offers a...
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    Solar panel anarchy

    Lived aboard for 8 months with 4x 85w panels and 400 ah capacity in the Bahamas. Never needed to run the engine and we had laptops and a fridge and watermaker. The peace and silence was great compared to the old way of a big diesel engine running for an hour. Also had to carry far less oil...
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    Morris 29x

    I've actually sailed a Morris 29 - they're great little boats. The interior varnish work and overall quality is top-notch. You do have to pay for it, though.
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    WTB Foul Weather Gear for Kids

    Patagonia (on sale - check all their distributors), LLBean and, if you want to spend $90, Helly Hansen. All had options for our 3 y/o.
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    Performance 30 (S2 9.1, Olson 911, Santana 30/30, J30)

    You might consider a dehler 29 - there used to be one up in the pacific nw...
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    New FLIR - I think I want one

    Heard about this at CES this year, and was pretty interested for the MOB application as well. Probably won't have the resolution, waterproofness and optics necessary to be an effective tool, but almost anything is better than what we have right now (which is no thermal sensing at all).
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    28 foot cruisers?

    Did a similar analysis back in 2007. Wanted a cruiser / racer (was racing (not owning) a J/120 at the time). Ended up going with a Dehler 29. Much faster than most of the boats on this list, and has probably the best interior as well. Not many in the US, although our boat is now listed in...
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    J44 WK

    Anyone else care to comment on the j44? Specifically compared to the 120 and/or the 109. Comparing the three, I would expect the 44 to need more breeze, maybe be a bit stiffer, but also need a lot more crew or sail handling? Probably more comfortable in a seaway?
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    Wet Wednesday Crash T Bone Video

    Both boats are at fault - the 52 should have made a course correction in ample time and consistent with good seamenship to avoid a collision, even as the stand on vessel.
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    Moonduster lost

    I can actually comment on the drogue idea, albeit on a much more limited scale. Just returned from the bahamas for 6-months on a Dehler 29, and we encounted quite a variety of conditions. This is a modern-underbody, a cruiser-racer design from the late 90s. At anchor (we used a Manson supreme...
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    Boatyard in Fort Lauderdale

    Crackerboy Boat Yard. DIY. Honest. Good group. Kept my boat their for several months over the past year. Message me if you're looking for more.