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    Wanted Race Ready J/70

    I own J/70 #586.  It's sitting on Treasure Island, near San Francisco.  We haven't put the rig back up since returning from Worlds last month.  I am not sure I want to sell it, but I recently bought another boat and I am finding less time to race J/70s.  I would entertain offers, if you're still...
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    "The Colonel"

    I don't often reply to these threads... but I've had a few drinks tonight, so I'll type (I'm sure that will be the subject of several responses). I'm a Jew and a sailor, and I visit SA every morning the moment I get into my office. When i saw this photo, I was initially pretty shocked and a...
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    Only thing missing is Godzilla

    I don't know anything about these wings... but it seems like they might be difficult to depower. Does this beast have an "upper-limit" in terms of windspeed? What happens if the breeze pipes up during a race? I'm horrified to think of this boat being out of control, or some catastrophic...