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    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    'One Hears' it's $100million to ETNZ. A match in the Solent/IoW. ETNZ Win, AC38 in Auckland with ITUK as CoR. ITUK Win, AC38 in the UK, ETNZ as CoR. ETNZ just have to sell it to the public and the gummint. Good luck with that.
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    AC36: The Match (6-15th March. Reserve days to the 21st)

    7 knot NW currently at Bean Rock. Hopefully it continues to swing round to the SW and build a knot or three.
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    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Boring, just alphabetical order (going upwards).
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    INEOS Team GB

    Surely that is the major advantage in winning the cup - making the rules? Has been that way all the way through the history of the cup has it not?
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    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Just heard they reared up and tipped over off Waiheke today. Got back up and continued sailing. Be awesome if someone got footage. 
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    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    The Instagram Post mentions they were doing 28 knots in the boat the film was taken from. Light winds too (big headsail on), assuming this was taken yesterday (11 Dec) it was a pretty calm day here in Auckland.
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    I'm pretty sure they did. Remember the padded jackets to pretend their grinder were bulking up. They've also stated that it was a big secret and only on a need to know basis within the team.  They really didn't want to let that cat out of the bag too early.
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    AC 36 Protocol

    Challengers can compare - in the Prada Cup. Defenders cannot two-boat test until the Prada Cup has started either.
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    Lessons learned from Oracle Team USA loss of AC35

    I would like to have seen a 12kn+ day in the match. I suspect ETNZ would have still beaten them (and they would have been relieved at not having to risk their breaking batwings). OR would have been nervous of a heavier air day I suspect after all the stripping down of the boat they undertook...
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    Unravelling the story of Aoteoroa's foils

    I wonder if those markings have anything to do with the analysis they were doing with the drones:
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    What will Oracle modify during these 5 days to try to recover
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    Oracle Team USA

    Where is his Bike seat? Is this even the real 17?
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    What will Oracle modify during these 5 days to try to recover

    I believe that stored oil cannot be used for wing adjustments at all. The accumulators can only be used for Daggerboard adjusts as far as I know. Sorry, haven't got the reference for that, but have read it on other topics in here a few times.
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    Weather Conditions for the Match

    I hope so.
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    Weather Conditions for the Match

    It is a bit of a given ETNZ have a light air machine. I find it hard to believe that Oracle will not also have a light air weapon. They have been there the longest, and have know for 3 years that they will be sailing at this time. They are not silly - they will have built a package for the...
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    Team France

    Don't you mean chuck their first race against GTF? LRBAR goes in with 2 points, GTF has to win three more races than them. Assuming it goes to the believed form, ETNZ, STJ and ART will win all their races against TF and LRBAR, then TF has to beat LRBAR twice, and hope that TF picks another...
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    Oracle Team USA

    No it doesn't. They are both heading away from camera, and have jibs up.
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    How to watch live races?

    And the Lions have gone home... Assholes (Sky, not the Lions).