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    Jobson Nails It!

    I wonder how many of the younger sailors to whom Jobson spoke might have recognized Riley and Elena of La Vagabonde rather than Mark Reynolds and Paul Foerster as "contemporary greats". Just wondering.
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    NEMA 2000 to Ethernet

    I’ve had a YDEN-02 for a few seasons. It‘s been flawless. Yacht Devices has great customer support, too.
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    You found the perfect what? Insurance, Surveyors, Boat Yards, and upgrades

    I think “latent defect” and “consequential loss” refer to the same thing.
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    You found the perfect what? Insurance, Surveyors, Boat Yards, and upgrades

    Our boat (US flagged) has been insured with Chubb since new, seven years ago. Their Masterpiece Select policy does not have a latent defect clause and is agreed value, two key factors to my mind. We are in the Caribbean this winter and getting a rider to extend our cruising range was fairly...
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    You found the perfect what? Insurance, Surveyors, Boat Yards, and upgrades

    A US permanent resident (green card holder) cannot own a US flagged (US documented) vessel. CFR 46: Sec. 67.30 Requirement for citizen owner. Certificates of Documentation may be issued under this part only to vessels which are wholly owned by United States citizens. Pursuant to...
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    Starlink Anarchy

    Adding Starlink has been truly a great step forward for us in terms communications. I’m currently WFB and I’m not sure I could manage that juggling SIM cards. It costs little more than my 2400 bps Iridium service.
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    You're not qualified to have lithium batteries

    I worry far more about all the other rechargeable devices we have on board than I do about my Victron lithium batteries. Between laptops, iPads (3) iPhones (2), MacBooks(2), power tools (plenty, but never the one we need), drone, GoPro, flashlights, headlamps, … (before guests bring their...
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    RORC Caribbean 600 2023

    We‘re at anchor about halfway down the west coast of Guadeloupe watching a gaggle of boats (Cui Bono, Callisto, Sisi, Ran, …) work their way down the coast. Not much wind at all here, unlike the last two months. Just two or three nights ago we saw 30+ at anchor. I imagine it’s a very tough call...
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    Best practices for securing hose runs to hull
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    What’s your favorite anchorage’s ( pic’s)

    This is one of our favourites (White Islands, Penobscot Bay) But for tonight it’s the one we’re in (Gt Lameshur, St John)
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    Choosing the right performance cruising cat for Uhuru.

    Only if “most people” are bigots, but I have a greater faith in humanity and believe most people are way above such despicable, shameful thoughts.
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    Petit Vivid Antifouling Paint

    Another vote for Vivid here. Have used it for seven seasons in New England with good results. We’re now in Antigua and have just a hint of slime after six weeks here on a seven month old bottom job. I have found the paint is much harder in the water if the yard lets it dry for a week or so...
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    Spent quite a bit of time on the J/45 with Jeff Johnstone showing us around at the Annapolis show. It’s clearly a boat that he’s very proud of, and quite rightly so. In particular, I thought the staysail setup was well thought through. If we were buying today, rather than seven years ago, it...
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    Chesapeake cruising ideas (with deepish draft)

    Last night was St Michaels, tonight is Solomons. With some northerly breeze coming, we’re planning on Fishing Bay for the next two nights. It looks fairly cozy in a northerly.
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    Starlink vs Iridium GO

    We have a Starlink RV which is great while at anchor, but not yet for offshore use. For offshore, we have a Redport Glow, which is basically an Iridium Go in a small dome with a router. The advantage for us over a Go is that we can integrate it into the boat‘s network, so any iPads or laptops...
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    Chesapeake cruising ideas (with deepish draft)

    After spending longer than we originally expected around Annapolis, not just doing boat chores but also catching up with friends at AYC and doing the boat show, it's now time to move on. But first, a shout out to Horton Marine Services who helped us out greatly. We will recommend them to friends...
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    Chesapeake cruising ideas (with deepish draft)

    We crept our way past Red 2 but anchored shortly after that. This afternoon we came back out and moved a very short distance to Cliff Point: a CFP is forecast for tonight and we’re just a little cautious of another “storm purge” (yes, with a P) with NNW winds and rising pressure. Absolutely...
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    Canal trip recommendations

    Watch Robbie Cummings on YouTube. I would love to do the northern England canals sometime, even as a one time southerner who felt the dividing line between the south and the north was the M4.
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    Chesapeake cruising ideas (with deepish draft)

    It’s really a transit for us, too. Jumping off from Hampton at the end of the month, but aiming to fit in a few good stops along the way.

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