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    9er videos

    this is me sailing my 29er about a month ago
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    The Boat Review thread

    i sail a 29er but learnt in sabots but have sailed 420s hobies RS's and a few more aswell. Basically i'm not a huge fan of symmetrical chutes i find them hard to use and they take ages to put up even for the top guys. 29ers are far faster in all conditions than the 420, and are relatively easy...
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    Tripped-Out Boat Names

    elixir...sail number 69
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    29er crew weight

    hey i sail a 29er in aus so im not too sure about pounds...but me and my skipper are way underweight at about 100kgs combined...we do ok in the windy stuff though. ur deffinately not too old and 280lbs looks perfect after i did the conversions
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    To the 14'ers - Upwind Techniques

    i sail a 29er so similar i assume...when we're going upwind we go for height in the light stuff(under 10kts), 10-15 we go even higher, then anything over 15 is always choppy where i'm from so we crack off 5-10 degrees to power up over the waves
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    Should I get a 470

    470 wouldn't be too flash 1 up.....stick with the hobie
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    Rip it up for sale.

    jamesy might be interested tho and im sure he has info on the boat so i'll get him 2 post some................(this is ur cue 2 post some info on it jamesy.....)
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    Rip it up for sale.

    lol u spend far too much time on this.....dont u have a job or life of some despcription???
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    Rip it up for sale.

    haha furcoat
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    Rip it up for sale.

    would u budge on price?
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    2 person asail dinghy

    yeah i'd go for the 29er but not sure whether there's much competition in the us they're really strong so shouldn't have any probs there
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    29ers QLD

    Are there any 29ers up in north qld, coz the 2 of us at rq (brisbane) are getting sick of the competition?? -is anyone looking to get into the class either????? or any1 in nsw looking 2 cum up 4 states?
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    no, cleveland qld and I sail a 29er at rq
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    hey ttb im thinkin of buying an i550 how much is it 2 ship the hull kit over??

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