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    GGR 2022

    Kirsten sp? Should have clew attached to boom w webbing / velcro assembly Perhaps metal slug also in boom track...but webbing around boom adds lots strength
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    Cruising a Beneteau 40.7

    Hi I make the Jordan Series Drogue. Have done some with intent to possibly use part of it for emergency steering aid. Andrews 70..proved to Transpac staff Gran Soleil 50..proved to Pacific Cup staff. Key is long bridle legs midship .
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    West Marine Has No F'N Dyneema??????

    R& W Rope. New Bedford Mass. Many years buying lots of line, never an issue getting it. Lots of Amsteel.
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    Changing the batten slots along the luff Sorry think this is right one Else Google bainbridge international usa catalogs...sailmaking and hardware
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    Changing the batten slots along the luff
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    Looking for a J22

    Great lil boat
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    Which is better place to relocate and sail: Annapolis or San Deigo

    Perhaps Newport area...East Greenwich. Jamestown. Middletown . Point Judith area 
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    Surveyor in Conneticut

    Barnaby Blatch. Atlantic Marine Survey. Ken Johnson.  Johnson Marine Mystic area, of course both  travel
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    Singlehanded Sailing Society; SHTP Seminar on emergency rudders

    I have done a bunch of Jordan series drogues with an aft section that is detachable with perhaps 50 to 100 cones. Key is bridle legs to midship. and reduced tail weight if conditions warrant. Andrews 70 and Gran Soleil 50 used to satisfy emergency steering device requirement for TransPac and...
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    Rogue Wave Trimaran

    I got a postcard from Dick Newick years ago. Can't find it, but its around somewhere.  Photo was of Cheers. Dick signed it Cheers,  Dick Newick 
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    Hydra Net vs 3Di

    Made a Hinckley 51 cruise genoa  , tri radial Hydranet, built 10 years ago, looked brand new last year's service work / wash.
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    Black Pearl - Botin 56

    Deep Blue out of water,  first on right as enter Newport Shipyard. Rig up , boom off. Looks great.
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    Battens for Quantum Main

    I have batten stock in east lyme, ct I inch..appropriate 
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    Stu Johnstone..Newport Ri

    Pretty sure its  from Brazil.. probably cost 50 de rapper ill find  it,  such a piece of crap I never took out of packaging thanks  Stu Stu Says  US  made  ...J Boats  have them made?     Item specifics Condition: New with tags: A brand-new...
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    Stu Johnstone..Newport Ri

    FACE MASK REUSABLE UNISEX WASHABLE 50x COMFORTABLE WEAR     Condition: New with tags   Quantity: More than 10 available / 17 sold    ...
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    Stu Johnstone..Newport Ri

    i bought one, when i got envelope,  thought there was nothing in it  mask wise there was..very poor quality  thing in my opinion...did not allow return ...ripoff   will find  and  photograh thanks  STEW would not allow returns
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    Reefing Loose Foot Main

    Good post..also ...some sails had..have..a deep broad seam low And it would negate that Sobstad sails...main loft..Old Saybrook. did mains w deep broad seam from just above tack to just above clew 
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    Reefing Loose Foot Main

     if you put the boat rope in the track

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