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    Catamaran designers to buy plans from

    Have you contacted Tony at Grainger Designs?
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    Catamaran designers to buy plans from

    Add Tony Grainger to your list. I built a TR 40 trimaran that he designed and could not be happier.
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    Books about composite boatuilding

    Check Grainger Designs website. He has an excellent composite building guide.
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    Chris White the new Atlantic 72 and follow-up of the capsized Atlantic 57 Leopard

    Hi Broadhead, Please clarify on your statement that a couple died on a Chris White cat that flipped in a Chicago to Mac race. To the best of my knowledge a Chris White tri flipped during a Chicago to Mac race near Greys Reef. No fatalities. Also a few years later an Atlantic 42 capsized on...
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    'Triple Jack' rebuild...FU Irma!

    We used Cheeky Tangs on Morello. They work well. We had a S.S. bolt machined. Emailed a drawing and description.
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    Nautor/Swan 47 Sheave replacement

    Zephyrwerks, The sheave Factory is your friend.
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    'Triple Jack' rebuild...FU Irma!

    Triple Jack, Happy to see that you are still at it. On Morello we went with a shaft and prop. I think that a saildrive may be less drag but I did not want to haul out annually to service it. We sailed up to St. John last weekend, our first trip north since we saw you at Christmas. Saturday...
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    Post-covid Cruising?

    Bryanjb take it somewhere else, your not welcome in the USVI with your attitude! Our health care system is limited and it will be overwhelmined shortly if people of your ilk have there way.
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    'Triple Jack' rebuild...FU Irma!

    The sheeting angles on our 40’Grainger tri is 7 degrees and the track is on that line. Easing the sheets we have to barberhaul outboard. Check your sailmaker. Great to see progress on TJ.
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    'Triple Jack' rebuild...FU Irma!

    Contact Mack Boring and see if they have a mechanical drawing for the saildrive molding. As far as I know it is a OEM part.
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    Replace baba 30 wood mast with 1983 catalina 30 mast?

    I believe that Bob Perry is the designer of the Baba 30. I would call him and pay his consultation fee.
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    'Triple Jack' rebuild...FU Irma!

    Triple Jack, yes you are worthy. Thank you for the kind words. It's people and boats like Triple Jack that have inspired me over the years to build our boat and chase a dream. Many boats with far less damage from Irma and Maria have been relegated to the trash heap yet you have decided to put...
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    Searunner trimaran rig tension

    Did not mean any harm, my bad.
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    Searunner trimaran rig tension

    Hi Chrissy,  Center the rig with the uppers (snug), straighten the mast with whatever is below (diamonds, lowers,etc).  You should have enough tension on the windward shroud so that the leeward shroud goes slack when going to windward in a moderate breeze. Sail from one tack to another and sight...
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    Caribbean 600

    If you are not on the edge you are taking up to much space!
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    Cruising Lake Superior

    If you like seclusion and wilderness the north shore cannot be beat. It  has been 25 years or so since we cruised Lake Superior. Isle Royal at the time seemed to discourage boaters and had more rule than I cared to deal with, so we went to Thunder Bay and sailed the north shore for a month...
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    40' searunner tri or 38' leapard cat

    Askari, What could be better than sailing a Jim Brown Searunner in the Pacific?  Cheers, Morello
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    40' searunner tri or 38' leapard cat

    Hi Askari, I would pick your boat, sails better, has plenty of room for two, is simple and can be upgraded as you go. As far as the roller furling, we have it on our tri and find it difficult to switch gears especially when in light air and then squally conditions. A partially rolled up jib is...
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    Hunting for AIRFORCE

    I believe Airforce struck a UFO shortly after the start and was lost. I do not recall who the skipper was. Check Wooden Boat Magazine archives for details.
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    5/8" Divinycell H80

    Buy a sheet of 3/4" Divinycell and run it threw a thickness planer or a wide belt sander.

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