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  1. woodtick

    Coolboats to admire

    Always respected the Mounties on the St Roch, a tiny ship for what it was, and did. These were hard men, guides and dogs all, it's a shockingly small ship.
  2. woodtick

    Rando Fishing Pics 2023 post em…..

    Puerto Vicente, Guerrero. Met Dave Marciano and his lovely wife there a few years ago.
  3. woodtick

    Finally, Trump is getting close to justice

    The US has a terrible flaw in some states, private prisons are inherently evil.. It needs no explanation. It is rife for abuse, and goes against your constitution on a fundamental level. Fix it.
  4. woodtick

    Finally, Trump is getting close to justice

    He should be though. Cohen went to jail just doing his bidding, and no jury should honestly not see this, Even trumpanzees given the scrutiny of their neighbors should convict. The Orange Man is fucked.
  5. woodtick

    SV Seeker

    Do you wash behind your ears?
  6. woodtick

    SV Seeker

  7. woodtick

    Slot Head Screws

    It would take all day to count the visible slotted screws on my boat, and every effing one is clocked. They do look way nicer than Robertson. Anything I build I use Robies, but you can't see them, no visible fasteners. Robies go frm #4 to 00, generally.
  8. woodtick

    Damn Orcas

  9. woodtick

    Damn Orcas

    A few years ago I had a Finish relative come for a visit, he is a farmer and no sailing experience. I took him and his son out for a tour on a mist low cloud day, and spotted an orca heading right for us. I shut the motor off (no wind that day) and waited for him. The closer he got, the more...
  10. woodtick

    Drop Foot Joe does it again

    Hung from his own petard. For all to see.
  11. woodtick

    FBI storms Mar a Lago

    We investigated ourselves and found no wrongdoing
  12. woodtick

    Drop Foot Joe does it again

    # 6 does it again.
  13. woodtick

    Drop Foot Joe does it again

  14. woodtick

    Drop Foot Joe does it again

    I do not agree with loan forgiveness. I do think there are predatory lending practices for education from countless "universitys" and small colleges. For major institutions no, you pay your way.
  15. woodtick

    Drop Foot Joe does it again

    Years ago I was working on a ubc professors home. He invited me in for tea with his wife and myself. We started chatting about what interested ourselves. This chap was overseeing the triumph facility, and I was intrigued. I was 22 or so, and he thought of me as "just a carpenter" . So I asked...
  16. woodtick

    Drop Foot Joe does it again

    Ummm. At what percentage of increase in taxes on corporations would pay for that. When will tax fairness be fair with you? My government is no better, we used to be better, are you so deprived of morals as to make your own existence a self depreciating soul sucking whirlpool? Do you have...
  17. woodtick

    Ukraine and Only Ukraine. If it isn't about Ukraine then fuck off

    Ok. What do you think Ukraine would have achieved without their uncle overseeing them? The last 50 years will do.
  18. woodtick

    Nice times

    Nice times
  19. woodtick

    If You Love dogs......

  20. woodtick

    A living Hell in Ohio, why isn't the press on it?

    Yes it is you sniviling pissant. My god you are dense. Everything you prop up as an ideal is absurd, you are clearly morally corrupt. May God have mercy on your soul.