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    Lets talk about rope....

    I understand that if the line creeped you would need to make adjustments. However what everyone seems to be saying is that creep is a funtion of A)Load B)Time. And a 30 footer seems unable to create enough load to significatly strain the line (say 5/16" would be smallest without being hard on...
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    Lets talk about rope....

    So I still don't understand why anyone would use vectran for halyards on a 30ft boat when it seems that spectra does just as good a job, and wears better
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    Lets talk about rope....

    Looking at the #'s it would seem that vectran and dyneema stretch about the same, am I mistaken? I always though the difference was creep.
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    Lets talk about rope....

    I have become confused as well. I used to think that for any kind of static application (ie. halyards) Vectran was required as any kind of spectra would creep. Now I am reading that for most boats <40ft you probably won't be able to load the line enough for creep to show, or long enough if...
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    Hangover Cures

    I find the best thing if you can handle it is exercise, bring a water bottle and go for a jog. It is the worst thing but seems to get the body going, Course there are some mornings where I just curl up in the fetal position and cry.
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    Work outs in the gym

    That sounds like a great idea, nothing unsafe about weight plates 30ft in the air.
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    North Sails Nordac Radian

    "new and patented"? I thought challenge had come up with the same thing
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    Carbon Rigging...

    Drag due to the wind would act in the direction of the apparent wind, no?
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    Warp oriented woven sailcloth

    Warp oriented fabric is not new. I believe what challenge is bragging about is crimpless warp fabric.
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    Sail TV Monsoon Cup

    By somepoint I meant last week or two. Definately already the world match tour
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    Sail TV Monsoon Cup

    Sail TV had full races of the Monsoon cup up at somepoint. Now all I can find are the highlight reels, anyone know where I can find the full races? or any other clips of full races for that matter.
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    Digital Camera

    I recently caved in the screen of my Sony Cyber-shot (that I loved) and I need a new digital camera. I am very hard on my gear so I am looking for something that can be beaten up and still work, any ideas?
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    Billy Bob

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    VOR 30 min weekly on telly

    Does anyone know if its playing in Canada again. Last time around sportsnet covered it but I can't find anything on their listings.
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    Electrical Help

    Thanks rail meat- good advice. We will double check everything tomorrow- Due to my inexperience with electricity I had thought maybe I was missing something obvious. Like a secret button saying"press here for electricity"( I wish)
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    Electrical Help

    I have checked all the fuses, including the one by the battery. It was just a small spark, in fact I thought nothing off it- flipped the switch that was inadvertently turned on(we were doing some other stuff as well and there was a mix up), and kept on working- I wasn't until later that I even...
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    Electrical Help

    Was installing a new stereo on the boat and evidently things were not as turned off as I thought they were and there was a spark---and then everything attached to the battery stopped working. I don't know too much about electronics simple stuff(or so I thought) like installing stereos are about...
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    Main Trim Question

    The boat in question is an IMX-38. But I was more interested in the why, I know it is fast in some classes, for example I have seen numerous photos of Farr 40s with the boom above centerline. And in looking into it through the magic of googleI found this article that is...
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    Main Trim Question

    I recently started sailing with a guy who likes to trim the boom above the centerline of the boat going upwind. I am curious as to why this is fast and in what conditions, it seems counterintuitive to me.
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    Splicing Loops

    I don't understand how the Liros one works, could someone explain how it attaches/comes off, from the picture it looks like you would have to untie the knot. I have the feeling I am being an idiot, but can't figure it out