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    USA iPadAir GPS not working in Europe

    @Newbee Racer on your iPad, go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Location Setvices and verify that Location Services is turned on and enabled for Navionics.
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    Can I put Blue Jay sails on my Flying Junior replica?

    Check They have inexpensive FJ sails that will fit and perform better than Blue Jay sails. Main is $299, IIRC. Sails from Intensity are generally not class legal but sound like the boat isnt either.
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    Cargo strategy: tools

    Of course ANY of these “loaners” can double as a hammer and most probably have (except screwdrivers which do double or triple duty as a pry bar or drift punch). My club has a set of hand tools available for member use which are spray-painted red for identification and have been abused by...
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    So where do you sail?

    LI Sound
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    Here Comes The Night

    Hempstead Harbour, LIS
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    What’s your weirdest modification?

    Potential winner here… but I’ll be patient.
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    Help me rename my boat (or just tune in to mock my poor taste)

    Nice ride. I always prefer names that can be easily understood on the radio. Rosebud? (Citizen Kane reference) Radio Flyer Ruby Cherrybomb Raspberry Fizz
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    Tanzer 27 wanted

    Checking for you - but saw the owner last Friday and he said he wasn’t getting many inquiries. Let me see what I can find out for you. (no affiliation - just at the same club)
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    Tanzer 27 wanted

    Here’s a 1982 Tanzer 27 for sale out of my club on Long Island - Disclaimer: I know nothing about this boat and am told there are ‘issues’. Might be worth a look - dunno.
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    Sailing shoes that don't suck?

    Keen Newport H2 - On my third pair.
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    Sailing Wind App
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    Sailing Wind App

    Google Sheets with a nice graph
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    Floating Boat Lift - Sailboat

    I’d think you would end up using the boat far less often with this PITA procedure.  Doesn’t really allow for the spontaneity of “hey, let’s go out for a sail…” You’ll talk yourself out of going because a) conditions are less than perfect; b) not really enough time (because now it takes xyz to...
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    I Hate Bad Artwork Depicting Sailing!

    I got nuthin…
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    Antifouling paint stripper

     I got the best price on Dumond Peel Away from my local Sherwin Williams.  Same stuff minus shipping charges for 5 gal buckets.  Great stuff and much more effective than CitriStrip.
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    Alternative to McLube Sailkote

    Practical Sailor did an article on lubes some time ago and recommended Elmers Slide-All - decent stuff but can’t find it any longer and see mentions that it may have been discontinued.  Anyone try SuperLube Dri-Film PTFE lubricant?  
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    Stainless chafe guards for control lines  
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    Sailboat help

    I can’t find any information on a Tanzer 23 — Tanzer made a 22, a 7.5 (24.5 ft) and a 25 (others also but these are closest to 23ft).  If this is part of someone’s estate and you’re looking for information in order to sell it, you’ll first need to verify the model.  Check the mainsail to see if...
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    Is there a way to add sleeves to pulpits "in the field"

    Why not a rubber grommet?
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    Best online sailing stuff source

    Doug?  Sent you a PM.