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    where in the world

    Doran beach.
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    Best Hiking pants

    Sandiline. E
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    Laser / ILCA class legal sails. Pryde or North?

    They're pretty even...
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    Capsize Drill

    Once you learn, it's important to keep practicing...
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    Maximum Weight for Competitive Moth Sailing

    Tom Slingsby 188 x 84 He seems to be doing pretty well... E
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    Laser rudder blade

    Replica Rudder Blade for the Laser® ( E
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    The ole guy's still got it! <;~D

    Couchsurfer: I've been diagnosed with severe arthritis in my right knee; it's not too bad, {especially for the level of racing I do}, but it probably won't get any better with time. I'm interested to know about your knee replacement and why it's preventing you from racing. Are you able to walk...
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    ILCA North American Masters Thread

    ILCA North America - Home ( ILCA North America - Schedule ( 2021 Laser Masters' North American Championship Regatta : Hyannis Yacht Club ( ILCA North America Class Office &lt;[email protected]&gt;  Scott Williamson, Executive Secretary, very...
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    Is there a path to become a US olympic sailor as an adult?

    Every Thursday evening and every Sunday at 2 PM you can find a group of lasers doing informal racing at the Alameda Community Sailing Center (your town). Sometime we get James Esprey (who sailed in the Olympics in2012) to join; you'll be able to ask him all sorts of questions.... E
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    Cheap fast cheerful next step from sailboard?

    Broad reaching - YouTube
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    Iips for painting a Laser hull.

    Land left, go left. E
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    Laser / laser masters regatta thread

    PCC Richmond. Mostly masters so far... E
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    Knots generally necessary to plane a C420 downwind?

    Hull speed for a 4.20 is approximately 5knts. If you're going faster than that, you're planing. E
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    Knots generally necessary to plane a C420 downwind?

    Anything over 7 knots in a 420 (or a laser), you're planing. You might get over 15 but it's going to be pretty hard.
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    Looking for (used) class legal Radial Sail in good condition. E
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    Absolutely, positively Laser

    Gargnano is on Garda but it's too far south for good wind in the afternoon. Usually good wind and waves in the morning but it dies down by 10am. The 2021 master Europeans was first scheduled in Arco which would have been awesome. Gargnano, not so much. E 
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    Absolutely, positively Laser

    Not in Gargnano though. E
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    ILCA gives LPE the boot... seeking new Laser builder

    Even better, end to end it. The old holes at the top will not be a problem; you'll actually have a lighter mast. E