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    Tracking OTB Races with devices

    Ideally real time tracking, but if that's not an option, race replay would still be good.
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    Tracking OTB Races with devices

    I believe so
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    Tracking OTB Races with devices

    Hi All, I'm looking for options for electronic tracking of off the beach sail boats racing in Moreton bay, would be great to include coverage out to Moreton and Stradbroke island, any suggestions on how this could be accomplished without spending a shed load?
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    Nacra 4.5 or 450

    The 4.5/450 is a single handed boat, not a whole lot of room, if you're going solo, awesome choice. If you're regularly taking a passenger/crew, you'd probably want something a little bigger, e.g. 5.0, but the bigger boat, is also a bit harder to setup on your own..
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    Female PFD Trapezing

    Hi All, After any recommendations for PFD's for a female sailor? The Mrs' currently uses an Ultra Females Kayaking PFD, and it tends to ride up to her neck, and becomes annoying and uncomfortable. I currently use a Hobie WT4, and have found it very comfortable, and the additional...
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    A Hobie Wave to start with?

    I'd suggest visiting a local sailing club, if there's a local club with a fleet of beach cats, then all the better, or you can crew on the larger boats to up your experience, crew are always in demand.
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    Cat Trax for solo launching/recovery?

    They're definitely easier to use than then big yellow plastic wheels, Joe at Joyrider TV makes it look pretty easy,
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    Catamaran Racing: For the 90's

    Wow Google! who would have thought !!! :\
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    Catamaran Racing: For the 90's

    Hi All, does anyone have a copy of the book "Catamaran Racing: For the 90's" by Rick White & Mary Wells, they would be interested in selling or know where i could obtain one, preferably in Australia, but would consider OS. Any other recommended reading for off the beach cats/Nacras...