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    GGR 2022

    Anyone here going over for the prologue race, Gij'on Spain to the start in Les Sables d'Olonne France? double handed with possibility of a media passenger. Will be traveling on the 4th, that race starts on 8-14 will have a few weeks to help on any needed prep and race to France. We will be on...
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    GGR 2022

    Glad to see this topic added to SA, haven't been on line here lately. Have sailed with Guy for many years, as Bob mentioned the changes in the spar looks to be bullet proof. Wishing Guy the best, as of this am he looks to be about 1/3 into his crossing to France. Best Regards
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    Sumner "Huey" Long

    +1, have not been on in months, look to read about a true sailing legend's sad passing and this takes over. Now I remember why I have been busy with other things. RIP Huey and the era. Regards
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    Burt Jones- RIP

    Have been out of touch lately and just happened by SA this morning, So sorry to read about Burt. Again not one to sail with Burt and the Burden crew but was always great to sail against them and to be around the group at the club. A great read to go through all of this this morning, many found...
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    southern ocean mayhem, mayhem mayhem!!!

    Hey BM you are starting to hit close to home!!! Hope all is well. Regards
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    Mackinac Safety Requirements

    So are you going to cut cards to see who gets the EPIRB if the boat does go down, That will help find 1 body anyway, or tie ourselves togeather anyway. EPIRB is great if you can stay with the boat but it will not help you with hypothermia. Regards Oh and on other points from OGFD, safety...
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    Henri Lloyd Crap

    Bought a pair of the TP shorts a prior to BDA race, Seams started unraveling at the stiching, HL was very stand up on replacement, although I opted for a light jacket for replacement, Those shorts just uncomfortable and sweat your ass off. But the Company was very responsive to the product...
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    Block Island Race - Cat 3 w/ Life Raft

    Wait till you get that for dinner and breakfast call!!! Charlie loves it, maybe he will spare us since we wont be actually offshore, but I doubt it. Regards
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    Block Island Race - Cat 3 w/ Life Raft

    So can I assume you will make sure the Patio group takes proper note of this?? Look Forward to seeing you on Friday, Glad to see they moved the start up, hell always just waited around for the start anyway. Regards
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    Day 1

    Looks like the paid sponsership bought all of OTWA, would we expect anything less. Go the clean show, yea right. How foolish to think I would get some regatta info, might just change the name of this thread I am out of here. Regards
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    Charleston Race Week

    Well the rating is one thing, one off boats are hard to rate PHRF lets all agree to that and as they say "BUT" I was given a tour by the owner at BHI I honestly like the lines of the boat Big F&%$ing cockpit lots of room to get things done. Down below was a joke for a PHRF boat, every...
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    Ingenious solutions, repairs you have done at sea.

    Thank's anything to stay in the race or out on the water, but it was a plastic cutting board, there were some pictures floating around of it and a happy crew with Dark & Stormies in front of the Dingy Club about 3 in the morning on arival. Regards
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    espo is a dick

    You must not have been there before, CRW is blessed with most gorgeous brunette's than any place, this is one that leaves the blonds standing as brides maids, for a change. Looking forward to it again. Regards
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    Down To The Wire!

    Go Kali, power to the BH 36, another of those boats where 3 are looking for 2 positions on stage, Good luck with the new boat, a very good boat at that. Regards
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    Down To The Wire!

    The power of SA
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    Down To The Wire!

    Thanks to all for great coverage, helps when not there. Well Congrats to all with their positions sewed up BUT there are many in position to move up or miss out on the podium today. IRC 1 is one of those that could feel great or suck BUT at the start of day 5 you have 3 boats very tight for...
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    Dumptruck and Shitbox

    Looks like Anema & Core stepped it up today, great job. Regards
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    Dumptruck and Shitbox

    For your sake I hope not north!! Regards
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    Dumptruck and Shitbox

    Well I am further than that and trying to act like I am working!!
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    Dumptruck and Shitbox

    ??? race 6 or ?? had the lead after r5, there are others Regards