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    Better on one tack than the other upwind

    Reason keel would make a big difference is that if it's 1 degree off the rig will effectively be 2 degrees more open or closed to the wind from one tack to the other. Imagine if you are always footing one degree on one tack and pinching one degree on the other. It's going to be a significant...
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    Better on one tack than the other upwind

    One whole knot!! Are you sure you aren't dragging your outboard along on one tack?  In all seriousness what kind of boat is it? I would check: Jib tracks from CL Keel alignment  double check mainsheet car is the same distance from CL on both tacks double check the backstay is on the...
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    The AC 37 has started, news and rumours

    I've read it. Otherwise it would have been a good guess to know about a 10 month notice period and restrictions on dates based on Hemisphere. The question is, if both CoR and Defender are happy to break it can another team challenge and override the original CoR? I would assume yes. 
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    The AC 37 has started, news and rumours

    If both teams agree could they hold this in the Northern Hemisphere after 1st Nov? Or before the 10 month period? Or would that bring into question the validity of the DoG?  I.e could another team go to the NYSC and say the challenge is void? 
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    49erFX Tuning Guide and guidance

    Thanks for the response. Good method for the stiffness. I guess I could also push down on a set of weighing scales and get the same measurement.  I need to think about how the camber at the sweet spot relates to the sail camber but I will await your thoughts on question 5 as I suspect it's...
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    49erFX Tuning Guide and guidance

    Firstly thanks for taking the time to talk about this. I'm a bit late to the forum. I've heard you mention the trigger point on the batten many times before but this is the best description you have given that I have seen. I have a couple of things which it would be great if you can confirm. ...
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    The AC 37 has started, news and rumours

    There will be no swapping sides by any crew in AC37
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    AC37 Broadcast Requests

    They need to get the Mozzy Sails team involved. Best AC chat I've seen.  Not sure why but I have a huge urge to buy loads of North Sails. 
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    Dalton: bullshitter alert!

    It's only kiwi $$ anyway. Probably paid cash
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    Richard Slater unilaterally emasculated the AC

    The 50m relative loss is stupid. They should get a penalty which they take as a drive through at any point during the race. Maybe a windward and leeward mark set a further 50m up and down wind respectively. Might make things a little more exciting to watch as well. 
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    INEOS Cup. Auckland 19-21 March. $1m prize fund

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    It’s the Format not the Boats

    The boundaries just make it to easy to stay ahead and they are too good at sailing the boats. Options could be: Include some legs at the death angle so there might be an element of excitement and capsize is always on the cards Sack off match racing and just have a series of fleet races...