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    dorking out super hard

    I would be curious to see a view further upwind. It appears that the waves get pushed to the left of the frame until they are no longer in view of the camera.  There is energy in those waves and it had to go somewhere.
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    Annapolis Boat Show

    Looks like one of the MC38s is a new Cone of Silence
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    New Harken Backstay Adjuster

    Looks decent enough that I would be interested, but it is huge! I would need to get my backstay shortened to use it. The Harken closed length is 30 inches with a 13.5 inch stroke. I have a Navetc series 7 -10 with a closed length of 21.9 inches, 7 inch stroke and fully extended length of 28.9...
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    Unacceptable Damned and Banned Boat Names

    There will be a gap until you get to the patterns that start with a 6. 600009, 666999, etc. Another gap until the patterns starting with 9. 900006, 999666, etc
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    USB power jacks

    How about something like this? Hard wired, waterproof, dedicated USB power from your 12v source.
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    Jib or Main?

    If the reason for choosing jib OR main is money, consider going less expensive and trying as much as possible to do both. If you are a new racer dacron sails are as good as laminates. Think also about eliminating options, especially ones that can be easily added later. Conventional battens...
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    DSC, NMEA and other fun marine acronyms

    It is free. Just register online at Boat US. There is an mmsi FAQ here
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    Mystery winch...

    I had a pair of those when I bought my boat. First upgrade I made was replacing them.
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    Reefing Main

    Not sure how you are tying the reef line around the boom. I recommend tying it like the attached diagram. The line will cinch around the boom and won't move. You can position it wherever it works best, probably slightly aft of the reef cringle. Make sure you remove the pressure from the sail...
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    should performance mods be discussed with the Mrs?

    My father's boat was named "Finagle." I never realized it was marital advice until just now.
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    Best boat for heavy air sailing?

    So I'm reading this month's Cruising World, and there is an article that mentions a guy who rescued an abandoned boat. This guy was sailing in the Singlehanded TransPac on a Moore 24. The interview took place while the guy was driving north to pick up a delivery of an Island Packet 380. I...
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    Layline gone?

    Glad to hear that they are not gone, but honestly I wouldn't have been surprised if they had closed down. I've visited the website a few times out of nostalgia, but haven't been able to find what I wanted so ended up taking my business elsewhere. I used to look forward to getting the catalogue...
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    Garmin buys Nexus

    I think this is a potentially better situation than the typical software company deal. I would be curious about the market share of Garmin instruments compared to Nexus instruments. Raymarine seems to have the market for instruments in new boats. When a new boat buyer has to select a gps, it...
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    Halyard chafes on tuff luff

    If the extrusion is 1 inch from the halyard, it sounds like you are missing the 4" spacer in the instructions below. The spacer should not effect the hoist of your #1 if the luff tape on it is installed anything like the attached pictures ie a couple of inches of head extending above the top of...
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    What Would You Call It?

    You need another choice that says 'All of the above'
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    Source for Boom/Mainsail Cover, in LA or on the Net?

    When I replaced mine I checked the online suppliers with low cost in mind. I ended up buying from a local loft for about the same as what it would have cost from one of the internet places. Give your sailmaker a call, you might be pleasantly surprised.
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    Garmin buys Nexus

    On the Chicago Marine Electronics website they have already updated their menu to say "Nexus Marine by Garmin". That was quick.
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    Garmin buys Nexus

    I went to the Garmin booth at the Newport Boat show and one of the big screens had a big Nexus logo. I did a double take and asked the guy what that was all about. He told me that Garmin bought Nexus as of Friday. He didn't seem to know too much about how Garmin intends to leverage the...
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    Water pump cover gaskets

    Speedseal makes a replacement pump cover that has an O-ring instead of a gasket. A lot more expensive than a gasket but a lot of people like them and they got favorable reviews from Practical Sailor.
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    Say goodbye Ray

    If Gate only needs apparent wind, there is no need to network. Standalone, all wind instruments report apparent. 'splain please. Maybe I don't know what apparent wind is. That's entirely possible. I thought it was a function of the windspeed coupled to the speed and direction of the boat...