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    Australian Sailing

    Fuckwit troll
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    momma says daddy can buy a chain saw

    This is how it started
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    IOR landfills?

    ......gee....looks pretty straight doncha reckon?
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    Start box Traffic Light

    Yep. We run it remotely with a phone so the RO can start the sequence from his own boat Begins with a red light indicating we're about to get going Red flashes with 10 secs before 5 minute Yellow comes on at 5 with horn Blue comes on along side with horn at 4 Blue goes out at 1 to go......can't...
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    How much sailing is too much sailing?

    What did Ted Turner say about Dennis way back? .....something along the lines of......."245(?) days in a sailboat........and him a fully grown man...."
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    IOR landfills?

    Bugger. "Drawbridge" has been raised for the last time . My condolences also
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    Sailing to the Nord Stream Pipeline on the Q-T.

    "Nobody could have known a sailboat might be used for terrorism…when does TSA set up a checkpoint at the marina gate?" .....except..... the Froggies did it to the Rainbow Warrior....
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    Drivers Ed in Ancient Times - Who Remembers the Aetna Driv-o-trainer?

    Less institutional driver training with me. Just pinched Dad's car, unscrewed the speedo and buggered off into the distance. All went well until my mate crashed it....... and he was the one with the licence.....
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    LONQR 2

    Yes. You do..................
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    Tell us about "easing the bolt rope"

    Usually it's because the rope shrinks over time. Depends which type of rope's been used
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    Tell us about "easing the bolt rope"

    Depends on the rope. If it's good n solid - none. Even tension is fine. If it's a little stretchy maybe pull 2 or 3 ". It's only there to stop the sail tearing in half. Make sure you only unpick the stitching around the bolt rope. Do not unpick the luff tape itself If it's a large sail you...
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    Tell us about "easing the bolt rope"

    Wunce I coodnt evn spel saylmaykr now I ar wun
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    Tell us about "easing the bolt rope"

    If you're not getting full hoist and the sail is looking fuller than a state school the luff rope may have shrunk. There may be other issues also. Another story...... Easy fix......well....usually..... The bolt rope is likely seized off at the head, tack and if it's a main, each reef. Leave...
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    IOR landfills?

    I started work for Roscoe in 1977
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    Why miss the fun? Try a Tropical Cyclone of your own....

    Don't have kauri branches dropping on you 500 miles out in the Tasman that's for real... ok - they're only little branches..
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    Why miss the fun? Try a Tropical Cyclone of your own....

    New Zealand tonight
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    Phuck you Phil!

    For what we are about to receive.......
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    Phuck you Phil!

    We were giggling about that just a couple of days ago. Beautiful day today though but if this new one does come ashore it's going to be nasty
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    Phuck you Phil!

    See if you're still laughing next Tuesday........

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