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    your opinion on race trackers in real time ie Yellow Brick?

    For years I was old school and did not like the concept of full information being available (I have fallen victim of rheostats in the past or no running lights before it was a racing rule) .  Today I feel differently.  Now that the technology and reliability are up to it I vote for full time...
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    Saw it over the weekend.  Highly recommended on many levels, the sailing, the ambition, the struggle, the organization and for those of my age the memories it brings back. Robin
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    What was the sailing moment you will remember forever?

    So many.  Early 90's, cold Sunday night racing the Bayview to Mackinac on my 1-ton. Tucked under the Canadian Shore just flying upwind.  The northern lights started and gave us a constant dancing curtain for more than 6 hours.  Could not get anyone to go off watch.   Robin
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    Sydney 38 in Annapolis

    I am sure that I will regret getting back into this but there are so many misstatements about the S38 that I need to correct a few: First S38 was delivered in 2000 so there were (are) no 1990s boats. Clearly built as a racer/cruiser (emphasis on racer) deck is similar to the Farr 40...
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    Sydney 38 in Annapolis

    This 38 was indeed Serenissima and it was well maintained by me and my team.  I know for a fact that there were both sail upgrades, good maintenance by Jones and team, electronics etc (in addition to the paint job and name change).   The 38 is a great boat, competitive and very well built.  I...
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    blooper time!

    Unlike many I enjoyed the IOR boats and the terrific competition of the time.  When I had a masthead boat flying a blooper was often faster and more fun.  On the Peterson 43 a tallboy staysail was often in the mix as well (everyone had a sail to trim or a winch to grind).  If the rule you are...
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    Bowman and start line distance calling issues

    One of my drills ( when I still had my own program or when I have been asked to do crew training) was to actually set up a starting line with a couple of cheap bouys. Surprisingly easy to do (I often also set a windward mark).  If there are other boats in the vicinity invite them to join (does...
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    Race tracking

    I am old school so I would love to go back to the day when unless you were in physical sight of another sailboat you knew nothing of their position or they of yours.  That said, the cat is out of the bag never to be put back, so lets have tracking available in real time without delay and require...
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    Computer wireless remote screen

    Thank you so much.  I will try to put this in practice and will get back to you if I have trouble (likely).  I appreciate your help. Robin
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    Computer wireless remote screen

    Thank you.  When you say that I will need a wifi network on the boat.  What do I need to do.  Thanks in advance. Robin
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    Computer wireless remote screen

    I have a pc with operating system Windows 10 running Expedition at the Nav station.  I would like to bring screen (and if possible the control of the pc) on deck by using an ipad. As this is offshore there is no internet connection of any kind.  Both the iPad and the PC have wifi and Bluetooth...
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    2017 Chicago Mac... who's in, weather predictions etc?!?

    I am a big proponent of "back in the day" better attendance, better racing, better sport, etc., however, anyone that believe that the Chicago to Mackinac attendance is down has not done their homework.  "Back in the day" the fleets were typically in the 250s to 275s in big years.  The fact that...
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    Chicago Area III

    RIP Jim Webb.  I have been informed that Jim Webb, owner of Witchcraft among other things, was painting the clubhouse at Jackson Park on the 25th when he lost his balance and fell to his death.  "hale fellow, jolly well met" an all around good guy. Robin
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    Older well known IOR Boats

    Around 1980 owned a Cal3-30 inventory was all Dacron or nylon.  Mylar laminate sails were appearing on other boats.  One race day during pre start maneuvering my  foredeck at the mast during a tack pulls out a big sheet of Saran wrap and shakes and snaps it yelling "Mylar" to the fleet.  He got...
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    Spinnaker color schemes from 1980 - help reqd

    there was a thread that was full of boat pictures from this era titled something like "some of my old sailing photographs" Robin
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    Any tips on Windward islands?

    Many years ago, while staying in Mustique (so this may be out of date) chartered a boat for a day sail and tour of St Vincent. Left early in the morning and left St Vincent before dark. Left the boat in Kingston, hired a car and guide for the rainforest which was absolutely spectacular. Had no...
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    I have a very old pair (late 1980s or early 90s) of Steiner Commander RS 2000 (7x50) (military--ugly green) with compass that were so beaten up (used and abused for more than 20 years on various race boats) that my crew actually bought me a new pair of sailing binoculars and I put the Steiner's...
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    too much?

    3 boat length circle
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    too much?

    PS. As it happens, in my opinion (not fact) course configuration and an over emphasis on "pure" windward--leeward racing has diminished participation. Robin

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