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  1. zenmasterfred

    Only in Victoria?

    And no one has mentioned the all time great boat name "FUJIMO". Swallow that Kitty.
  2. zenmasterfred

    Ron Holland 33 "Hagar"

    Damn, great to see the Fabulous Gar in nice trim. Those were the days, as Robin Williams said, if you can remember them you weren't there.
  3. zenmasterfred

    IOR landfills?

    Wow, looks gorgeous!
  4. zenmasterfred

    uber dancer

    WTF is the problem with the yutes? A sled is a sled is a sled and HTFU if you can't show some respect for us old guys who grew up on the old boats and show some respect!
  5. zenmasterfred

    The Ocean Race 2023 leg 3: Capetown to Itajaí, Brazil

    Damn, looks pretty brutal riding those bucking broncos even in "ideal" reaching conditions. A young person's sport for sure. Incredibly intense watching the footage where they are side by side. I am constantly amazed at how well the auto pilots steer the boats over the waves.
  6. zenmasterfred

    Canoe stern - why?

    Damn, I love Twinkle. She was bad ass fast and very sailed. I had a Herreshoff Rocinante, very similar but much earlier design. Why a Canoe Stern, because they are magical.
  7. zenmasterfred


    Great update and good to hear you are soldiering on. I definitely follow the Duracell Project, Matt is an amazing composit guy and makes it look much easier than it is. Lusting after a PT11, realize that w/ my skills it wouldn't come out a beautiful as a Russel B. build but pretty tempted.
  8. zenmasterfred

    How much do pro sailors get per day?

    Oh, yeah, why you young whipper snappers I remember the day when we sold, made sails and then raced the boats for what we called a full scholarship. Usually included travel, lodging, food and adult beverages. I don't begrudge pros making whatever the market will tolerate. Kids this days, I...
  9. zenmasterfred

    Couple Cruise for 1000 Days

    Oh, fuck, it's deja vu all over again. Have I been sleeping, are my meds wearing off? Are we still in Kansas?
  10. zenmasterfred

    Hate jet skis? No problem...

    We successfully BANNED them in my little hood in the NW corner of the US of A. Major court fight and the little guys won! You never see one in San Juan County, WA, the fuckers are ILLEGAL.
  11. zenmasterfred

    The Truth about Inflation

    Always hit Costco for gas when in America from the San Juans. Yes, it is scary to leave our salt water protected sanctuary but sometimes shit happens.
  12. zenmasterfred

    Ron Holland 33 "Hagar"

    Yah, total fuck up, brain fart, meltdown in the distance race by the Fabulous Gar addled brain trust! Sometimes your the bat and sometimes your the ball.
  13. zenmasterfred

    Ron Holland 33 "Hagar"

    The Fabulous "Gar" was built by Bob Cadranell and Einar Sortun on Lake Union, she was owned by a Pan Am pilot named Gerry Duncan. Damn, we had a great time racing that boat! Ended up 4th in the worlds in Victoria after a brain fart at the finish of a race, we were on Starboard and Sachem was...
  14. zenmasterfred


    Agree w/ most of recent posts, I used to run my Dickinson Antarctic 24/7, sailing, motoring or tied up living aboard. The Webasto hydronic is good, one benefit is we have a heat exchanger that heats the water when the engine is running so nice heat available without using fuel (other than the...
  15. zenmasterfred


    Sitting aboard w/ my Webasto 2010 hydronic system keeping me toasty warm. Great heat but it SUCKS the amps and unless you are plugged into shore power or have a generator not practical at anchor in the cold. If I could fit one in I would put a Dickinson Newport or Antarctic, low amp draw...
  16. zenmasterfred

    Bob Perry is Legend

    Was watching a sailing blog (Salt and Tar) and they were in SF (Richardson Bay I think) and friends of theirs came by to say hi, low and behold it was the legendary Night Runner, she was sans rig but I am sure they are working on her and getting ready to sail away. A sweet family with kids...
  17. zenmasterfred

    Towing a sailboat without a trailer license plate

    Hmmmnnn...I have a friend (wink, wink, wink) who used to go bandito with his Star boat trailer all the time, even occasionally in the dark. Once towing a Soling with a Finn on top if it and another Finn on top of the tow vehicle (0ld Chevy station wagon) stopped for gas in the middle of the...
  18. zenmasterfred

    IOR landfills?

    I'm sure the driver said no problem, I got it.
  19. zenmasterfred

    The return of IOR

    Hi Sloop, headed across the Cheese Curtain in a few days. How is it up there?