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    RBBS Ethical Dilemma?

    Is it okay to cheat?
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    Favorite daysailers with a lifting keel?

    Not sure you know what planing means but in the lifting keel daysailer category there is the Hank Hinckley Great Harbor 26 which has a lifting bulb; should have decent performance not much different that the aforementioned mentioned s2 7.9 but prettier.
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    Catalina 30 vs. Bob Perry Islander 28 RYC foundation has several well kept boats right now that may fit your needs
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    Laser 28 ... or alternative?
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    Finding owners

    Why do you want to sail on 60ft+ boats? 
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    What happened to the Open 5.70?

    I've raced one a few times and had been thinking of reaching out to redwood city fleet to see if someone needs crew as I saw they have a small fleet on Wednesday nights. They are fun yet very stable in a breeze. Wouldn't worry about the rating on a boat like this; will shine in the right...
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    Sad Man Sold His Olson 25 — Pls Help Me Find Another Sled

    Seems like a very clean merit in Phoenix area:
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    Seriously Considering an Ultimate 20 in Bay Area

    I just faired out the imperfections as best I could; no clue.if a previous owner altered but it had been bottom painted for quite some time when I got it.  The only mod I made was to switch to a J/24 lower rudder strap after the original broke. 
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    Seriously Considering an Ultimate 20 in Bay Area

    Pics of what is probably your neighbor's keel about 7 years ago after refinishing and after bottom paint removal. Definitely not iron.  
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    It happened again

    Nothing wrong, the people in the marina were clearly jerks. I'm fairly sure if he wasn't wearing pants in public then kilt is the likely attire. 
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    It happened again

    Probably wearing a kilt
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    Newbie with a new to me S2 11A

    You need to ride the flood; not the slack. If you leave at 3pm on the 22nd you'll be fighting ebb. Leave around 9am; give yourself plenty of time; ride the flood and get there in daylight. ...
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    Need Advice on the correct light air sail

    You have an incomplete inventory; get an A2 or S2. Switch between that and your Genoa. 
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    Welding Keel Bolts

    Maybe talk to the yard that did the work? Seemed like a reasonable solution here: Keels on post
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    Melges 24 Spreaders

    Tie a line/bungee between the two lowers. 
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    Are gas station diesel and marina diesel the same?

    Biodiesel is more hygroscopic than normal diesel (fatty acid methyl esters are more polar than alkanes) so that is one reason to avoid in a marine environment. If you see a product called renewable diesel that is fine to use too; it is not the same as biodiesel and chemically identical to...
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    Lazy genoa sheet over the pole?

    Big fan of stowing the pole on the boom. 
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    lots of spring in that sheer; what is it?

    MacGregor, Venture 23
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    need make and model of the U20 keel hoist winch

    300lbs seems very high. Ours couldn't have been more than 100lbs as I could pick it up easily and towed great.
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    need make and model of the U20 keel hoist winch

    That shouldn't happen; how is your tongue weight? Hope you get it sorted soon and have fun on the cycle tour!