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  1. Waterfront

    Only in Victoria?

    Sharpies! Champion woman skipper at the last 2 nats, was none other than: Mappa for the win!
  2. Waterfront

    Lombard 34

  3. Waterfront

    2022 Sydney To Hobart

    Apparently, the insurance company rejected the initial salvage quote - which will likely be cheap when they pay for the shitshow they may now have facilitated. Didn't the crew step off because they were all imminently going to die of seasickness? The boat was not taking water. In 2018...
  4. Waterfront

    Lombard 34

    Came 2nd in their division to a Sydney 36 in 2019 as well when fully crewed.
  5. Waterfront

    Aussie/Kiwi ocean and club racers

    Hasn't done many races in Hobart - IRC 1.07 - got an IRC 3rd in an 82 Nm passage race - Had an ally mast but lost the top of it in the 2020 Launceston to Hobart in a bit of a blow and bump in Bass Strait. Done up as a...
  6. Waterfront

    Aussie/Kiwi ocean and club racers

    ooops - is it that obvious
  7. Waterfront

    Aussie/Kiwi ocean and club racers

    The owners been around the traps a while.
  8. Waterfront

    2021 Sydney to Hobart
  9. Waterfront

    2021 Sydney to Hobart

    Rapid antigen test for crew at Green Cape and at Tasman Island?
  10. Waterfront

    S2H, Go-No Go?

    From the Tasmanian Premier today - Mercury Newspaper 29th September 2021. THE Sydney to Hobart yacht race is likely to go ahead this year, Premier Peter Gutwein says. Talks with organisers were at an advanced stage for the race to return after last year’s cancellation. But it would be subject...
  11. Waterfront

    Australian Sailing

    How far North do you need to get before the port/starboard polarity reverts to normal?
  12. Waterfront

    The Australian Sailing and RQYS Kabuki Theatre Thread

    RQ4077 raced @ 1.042 in Hobart. RQ4077 IRC appears in this years IRC list (14th December 2020) @ 1.045 Both ratings are pretty low for a 40.7 anyway. Increase could be a number of factors - this season with more sail area, bling .....  or measurement correction. Usually would expect if...
  13. Waterfront

    Hobart Scene

    Nah - didn't hit the bricks. Good Sailing TR - great man.
  14. Waterfront

    Sydney to Hobart 2020

    Fair enough - scratch a bit deeper. "Transiting through a medium or high-risk area: The traveller transits directly from the low-risk area to an airport or seaport by vehicle, only stopping for fuel." That is consistent with what Public Health have confirmed with a few today. I guess if they...
  15. Waterfront

    Sydney to Hobart 2020

    There is a transit provision in the Tassie health act which captures Tasmanians who transit a designated low or medium risk region. If a Tassie race boat is in Sydney and their Tassie delivery crew fly to Sydney - transit straight to the boat and piss off - they're all good. If you transit...
  16. Waterfront

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Oops - again......
  17. Waterfront

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Ubox was Ex Pretty Fly I think. Jazz was Quantum Racing, Victoire now in Tassie as Oskana. Gooden anyway.....
  18. Waterfront

    HIRW 19

    Just when you  thought it couldn't be a bigger circus it actually gets better - online NOR is different AYC NOR - Rev 3.2 – 3 September 2019 
  19. Waterfront

    HIRW 19

    Clearly a rule for the exclusion of others. Governance issues??
  20. Waterfront

    DSS Trifecta

    Hobart comprises a fleet that is the bread and butter of Australian Sailing - same as 99% of the Australian racing fleet. Fleets that give the megabuck snoozers a platform for their own lunchboxes. The Australian Yachting Champs should be held in Hobart every year - starting after New Year...

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