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  1. phill_nz

    Trump in his own words

    never underestimate the fun to be had with an underpowered wood chipper
  2. phill_nz

    Australian Politics (new thread)

    i see alfie langer was in there it is called xxxx because queenslanders cant spell beer in NSW they mostly drink VB go figure only swan lager was remotely palatable till we sent chuck hann over there to teach youse how to make beer properly
  3. phill_nz

    Russia, Russia, Russia

    she looks like she would be hard pressed to convince a labradonkey to sexually assault her ik just ik
  4. phill_nz

    Handheld Anemometer that’s cheap and reasonably accurate

    on a day with zero wind or in the morning / evening lull gusts of 100mph may cause a false reading
  5. phill_nz

    Mystery windlass

    wot he said
  6. phill_nz

    Damn right wingers shooting kids again....

    so seven people get shot probably by someone with mental problems that was allowed access to fire arms and all you think ( sic ) about is what party they may support ????
  7. phill_nz

    Ukraine and Only Ukraine. If it isn't about Ukraine then fuck off

    not sure how to take that we will assume that inbred dumbass yank is in there somewhere tennessee sort of makes a huge statement on a number of things but ok nz has sent ~ 40% of its arty troops to the uk to train the ukr on the 105mm and its manual sight .. we have given a respectable...
  8. phill_nz

    Handheld Anemometer that’s cheap and reasonably accurate
  9. phill_nz

    Australian Politics (new thread)

    sounds passable at best add in the shit heads that are glorified accountants with some form of ' finance ' in their title that do shit, add shit to the economy but are professional leaches to everyone else by manipulating money and it does not come out looking so rosy or truthful
  10. phill_nz

    Ukraine and Only Ukraine. If it isn't about Ukraine then fuck off

    prigozhin will be mainlining tea if he does not shut up soon poots will have him bending the needle on the geiger counter well either that or he will be falling 1,000 feet out of a 3 story building
  11. phill_nz

    Will The Good People Prevail?

    do they not understand the basic theme of the movie unless i am wrong .. and because its been 50+ years since i had anything to do with it .. like i was a young kid when i watched it for the first and only time the basic theme is escaping from the nazi's they are quite happy to make up images...
  12. phill_nz


    in that case you are missing more than i thought the vid the rushtards show is of a straight funnel ship ( a minelayer ) the intel ship has a raked funnel there is also other differences esp on the mounted equipment on the stern between the 2 the recording obviously stops when the drone is...
  13. phill_nz


    what you are missing is the bit between what was being recorded and what was being transmitted before the aerial / power / transmitter was rendered nonfunctional by the explosion ie ... there will be a delay between the camera and the aerial the bit where it cuts off was the last bit...
  14. phill_nz

    Ukraine and Only Ukraine. If it isn't about Ukraine then fuck off

    when you find out you are not the unicorn speaking for the lion but the cockroach speaking for the rat
  15. phill_nz

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    is that the sign of a person man thing that has no understanding of morals the belief that if you get away with it you must be innocent and everyone will think you are
  16. phill_nz


    that is the colour of standard screening smoke it is coming from one vehicle i would guess a planned exercise or a screen for possible drone attack or because its the rushtards .. someone poked something they shouldn't have and set it off accidentally whatever the reason it isn't positioned well...
  17. phill_nz

    Australian Politics (new thread)

    ya cant blame her she brought the fwv ( fat womans vehicle ) stacks on a few extra pounds and he goes straight to the finish line by chubby chasing
  18. phill_nz

    Finally, Trump is getting close to justice

    " Watters: We hear the special counsel pulled all of Trump’s business records since 2017 and couldn't find anything. " ....... in the first sentence of the first paragraph on page one
  19. phill_nz


    about the only thing that is correct in that is so in your mind if you do not know something for certain about people you treat them as enemies i guess you dream of living in texass the rest is almost trump logic ie bullshit covered in gold
  20. phill_nz

    The Voice. An Australian referendum

    had you been to an english soccer game you would not be in such doubt to be fair the same applies to most of europe rugby forever .. breed with the opposition teams wives and supporters first rugby .. helping the world and you to a better population rugby .. bliss for your sis

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