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  1. boomberry

    Oregon Offshore Race

    Great photo of beautiful ICON. It was fun following the trackers to check the exciting boat speeds and conditions. Fantastic finish times for many boats. : ) Lots of very popular races are no longer, (or minimally covered), on SA anymore. Perhaps because of countless trolls posting foolish...
  2. boomberry

    Baba/Tayana blog part one

    kdh, the story of the Hoyt father and son, is indeed an inspiring one. This was their 32'nd marathon together. : ) The other story that really captured the spirit of determination and character in my opinion, was the one of Tatyana McFadden. She was 6 years old and had disabling spina bifida...
  3. boomberry

    Southern Strait 2014 - 46th annual classic race

    Great conditions and one of the fastest SS races, I have done. We had 5 - 23 knots of wind. Nice to see some different boats on the podium. Ty, well done on the Medium course! Dennis is a rock star to sail with, and it's fantastic to see him out with you on your "new" boat. A few pics:
  4. boomberry

    Southern Strait 2014 - 46th annual classic race

    Expat Canuck, Occam's indeed, had an excellent VARC Opener weekend. It was great to see her sailed well, as she is a sexy, fun boat to sail on. Well done to you guys! The new owner has made a big effort to get out as much as possible over the winter, and the effort was reflected in improving...
  5. boomberry

    3rd Annual Spike Memorial Sailby

    Austin, it's great that you and your wife you can plan a visit out to the coast, and to meet folks in person. You will enjoy it
  6. boomberry

    Happy New Year

    Ish, some of the community still is around. Connections made with some good folks in here, will last a long while. : ) I hope everyone can look ahead with optimism and confidence that 2014 will bring more of what they wish for, and may they be fortunate to have friendships & loved ones for...
  7. boomberry

    Cloudy Future

    You have a lot of good things going for you. Fact is - you found out that you likely have coronary artery disease before a major heart attack occurred!! You have no idea how important this is. My best friend's three year old has cancer. He did not get cancer because he smoked, didn't exercise...
  8. boomberry

    Cape Horn Charter- any personal experiences-what company

    Twospeed - you might consider shooting off a PM (private message/note) to VALIS, who drops in here now and then. He did a trip like this a year or two ago, and had a fantastic time.
  9. boomberry

    A new custom boat for kdh

    Bob, your kitchen is beautiful and very functional. However, what really matters is the absolutely delicious meals you turn out in there! Many of us have been lucky enough to be spoiled by your culinary efforts. Yum!!! : ) Booms
  10. boomberry

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Sophie is indeed an exquisite boat. I saw her a couple times when I was in Newport and she is very impressive on many levels. As kdh says, she is a Bruce King design and 90 feet of elegance. Built in 1991, at Renaissance Yachts and finished at Derecktors yard in Connecticut. Cold-moulded with...
  11. boomberry

    Trident Half Hulls

    As Ishmael says, Blackbird/Andy he is doing a delivery. Well worth the wait, if you want quality work.
  12. boomberry

    Will be in OR, WA at Christmas

    I agree with Bob re: the ferries and the experience. The trip from Tsawwassen to Victoria is a fun way to spend a couple hours. Pretty passage and a nice boat for a ferry. If I were in your shoes I would take the Tsawwasen ferry to Victoria, then after a great visit in Victoria when heading...
  13. boomberry

    Will be in OR, WA at Christmas

    Not sure where you get your info from. We race weekly year round (as in all winter) in Vancouver and West Vancouver, BC. As one can tell by Ish's video, some winter days are lovely for day sailing and or overnight trips if one has a heater or a very snuggly bunk-mate. We even have some winter...
  14. boomberry

    A new custom boat for kdh

    I'll buy the second raffle ticket, (and all the rest.) I have a feeling, that the interior of this boat will not resemble Ikea in the slightest. This boat has "classic" oozing from her lines and design. ps ... CL, I like my new avatar pic, too. : ) It was not a day or experience I'm likely...
  15. boomberry

    Will be in OR, WA at Christmas

    Ish, ever since you and Anne posted about this exhibit in your trip blog, it has been on my to-do list when I next visit Seattle. It looks fantastic.
  16. boomberry

    Will be in OR, WA at Christmas

    Another vote for Butchart, and Victoria, BC in general. Cannon Beach, Or. is beautiful and there are plenty of lovely spots on the Oregon Coast and in Washington.I really enjoy day trips to Port Townsend and Seattle. Have a fantastic visit, Advocate. You will really enjoy meeting Bob, Kim and...
  17. boomberry

    A new custom boat for kdh

    Lovely sheer lines in this design Bob, which is what I find very attractive in kdh's current boat. A great team working on it. Beautiful
  18. boomberry

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Kim, we are looking forward to seeing pics when you get to see your boat again, soon.
  19. boomberry

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    I agree, Rev. Ish. I very recently stayed at the Magnolia Hotel in Victoria and there or Parkside Hotel, would be my choice for accommodation over the Empress. High Tea at the White Heather Tea Room in Oak Bay was wonderful and the food was far fresher and half the price as at the Empress.
  20. boomberry

    A tour of the Seattle Waterfront by Sail & Oar

    Wonderful video and gorgeous boats.