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  1. Longman

    Cableless code 0 design

    I'm a bit late to this thread but it just popped up for me.  We bought an Elliott 9.6 in mid 2020 and have been setting it up to sail primarily shorthand. Our experience sailing against a brand new Jeanneau 3300 is that furling is not the way to go. We hoist all our sail manually and just do...
  2. Longman


    The problems not so much them being tri-radial, it's more about how they are built. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with a well built paneled sail especially when under 30ft as you don't see the loads of bigger boats. The problem came when the cheapest builder starts building them with...
  3. Longman

    Elliott 9.6

    has anyone had any experience sailing an Elliott 9.6. see below advert. on paper it looks like quite a cool boat with a light displacement ect but wondering what they are actually like? how do...
  4. Longman

    Aussie/Kiwi ocean and club racers

    Has anyone sailed on this boat or ones of the same design? any idea on an IRC rating or how it would handle short handed?  from the surface it looks like a sweet boat. 
  5. Longman

    Finn rigging

    My radial dacron sails retail for $1850inc GST in Australia. If they're exported you don't have to pay our GST and depending on where you are the exchange rate might be good. This sail is probably stiffer than a north sail in draft as the fabric is stiffer across the panel, plus as it's a...
  6. Longman

    Finn rigging

    I've been developing my own finn sails over the last couple of years (been sailmaking for 14 years now) and I'm having good results with my dacron mainsail so far. Sure it's not going to compare with a brand new laminate sail at the Olympic level but when you need the sail to have a good shape...
  7. Longman

    Farr 30 vs Bull 9000

    Thanks heaps for the ideas and information. I know you won't be as fast in the farr 30 in a shorthand setup as you would be fully crewed, but if it actually means getting out on the water in all good with that. Thanks for the tip about the AVS for the bull. how do you get that information? is...
  8. Longman

    Farr 30 vs Bull 9000

    I’m hunting around for a 30fter to sail passage and coastal races short handed on the east coast of Australia. which one out of the Farr 30 or bull 9000 would be best? Or any other ones you can think of? im looking at around the 30-40k mark. Happy for a boat that needs work (am a sailmaker and...
  9. Longman

    DC Designs

    A 12 guy in Brisbane sells the carbon rigging, I believe he makes it up if you can give him a length. He had done some of the C plate terminals. Carbon Chandlery is the website. He won the 12 nationals or inters last year so it's going OK. He is a composite engineer I think and can do all you...
  10. Longman

    Double-Handed/ Single-Handed Ocean Racing

    Just do it. Make sure you do have enough funds but it's amazing what you can get by with when you have too. I have wanted a mini ever since I was 15, being in Australia made that a bit harder than Europe. It is one of the only things I wish I could have done.  I got to sail a bit on mini 797...
  11. Longman

    Offshore racing at the Olympics 2024

    Pogo 3??
  12. Longman

    Which Cookson 12 would you buy?

    Out of interest what are the big differences between a cookson 12 and a Sydney 38? and how they sail? One obvious one is the weight. An orci cert of a 38 has the weight at 5344kg (mondo) vers the cookson Grace at 4818 Sail areas are pretty similar (with in 5-10%) the draft is 20cm less and...
  13. Longman

    Brisbane to Keppel 2018

    Heaps, probably a good 8-10h a day, except for the last afternoon night.
  14. Longman

    Brisbane to Keppel 2018

    LB, I think we only did about 7 or 8 tack for the whole race! and only 3 sail changers. un furled the zero around lady Elliot and furled it up after the finish. There really wasn't much difference in the set that little bit we went off break sea. Short tacking up the sprit really wasn't worth...
  15. Longman

    Melbourne Osaka 2018

    Pretty amazing when you look at the average speeds, The guy and girl on Morning Star have the same average boat speed as the Sunfast 3600, and only 0.2knt slower than lord jimny. Really sailing that thing well.
  16. Longman

    Home Built Boats

    There used to be heaps of threads on people building their own boats. Either Leech's, Shaws, Stealth's, GP26's and their own designs, or people modifying old skiff or other boats. Is anybody doing it anymore??? I can only really think of one boat being built ATM any it's on facebook not...
  17. Longman

    Durakore vs Cedar

    I'm thinking about building a mini 650 of my own design, and want to feed back on what the best core would be. I want to strip plank the boat, having done a little of it before and not being a boat builder. Also all the leach and a lot of the shaw 650 where built this way. I'm looking at a...
  18. Longman

    Mini Anarchy

    What happened to mini anarchy? have the topics been archived somewhere? Also I'm trying to find out the displacement of a few protos and series. Both empty and with all gear on board. Any info would be great.
  19. Longman

    new mini, who says it needs to be beautifull

    A few scow questions for people. Do you think a fixed keel version of maximum would work? Would still have water ballast but for offshore only I know you can't cant the keel to leeward in the light to reduce wetted area by heeling the boat. I know that Remi Fermin (741) went very well with his...
  20. Longman

    new mini, who says it needs to be beautifull

    Do you think we will start seeing narrower mini's taking advantage of the foils like Hugo Boss?