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  1. DPope

    hull loading vs sail material

    In general terms the average loads are the same. What's differant are the shock loads. Dacron will absorb and dissapate the load spike from a puff while carbon/aramids will transfer the load spike to the rig and boat more immediately. It seems to me that the total amount of energy applied...
  2. DPope

    2015 Bermuda 1-2

    Go Maine! Panacea, Bluebird, and Resolute.
  3. DPope

    still looking for a selden pre feeder

    That's the kind of thing that's going to be found at the bottom of a riggers old spare parts bucket. A friend of mine calls it his chum bucket. I just checked mine and no luck. Start calling riggers. Try Bohndell Sailmakers at 207-236-3549. Not known for their friendly customer service but...
  4. DPope

    Tarten 10 mast step

    I've been refered to an article in a recent edition of the class news letter Ten Speed. It seems pretty likely that the problem is related to wet plywood core under the mast step. To me the direct cause seems somewhat uncertain but the bottom line is that the forward part of the deck casting...
  5. DPope

    The View?

    Gee Ish, thanks for your support. Let's try not to forget what started this. Sort of lost my focus myself.
  6. DPope

    The View?

    Cool. Kind of like getting my first SA merit badge. Too bad it's because of SA staff dumbfuckery. But I suppose that's the only way to earn the "Warning Points".
  7. DPope

    The View?

    Huh. I now have zero "warning points". Just what is that Scott? Clean? Who ever is in charge of this monkey house? Hit a nerve did I? The kind of crap I sighted in my opening post on this subject is not tolerable.
  8. DPope

    The View?

    Which ever of you ass holes thought that front page post about the gals and the VOR was cute you are a first class turd.
  9. DPope

    Tarten 10 mast step

    The is boat is hull number 93. So this all started with some tiny cracks in the mast step deck casting. It looks like the deck has been deflected down maybe a 1/4" . The cabin sole looks like it too has been pushed down maybe a 1/4", mostly on the starboard side. Can anyone tell me how the...
  10. DPope

    Opinion about the Dark Side...

    They are made just a few miles from where I sit. I'm sure you know this but Back Cove is a division of Sabre, the sailboat company. I know people that have worked there and the consensus seems to be they are well made boats.
  11. DPope

    13,000 Animals Put To Death

    Fix your pet.
  12. DPope

    Harken ESP furlers

    Foil/joint fit problem.
  13. DPope

    Harken ESP furlers

    Any riggers out there had issues with connecter/extrusion fit?
  14. DPope

    good 32foot sailing boats

    I love my T-10. It fits your bill. I did a little custom foam core dog house for some standing head room. Been way off shore with her and seen 50 knot gusts. If you take care of the rig it will take care of you.
  15. DPope

    Dang it's snowing _again_!

    Gimme a f*cking break and cry me a river. From Maine.
  16. DPope

    North Sails Sale

    How do you make a small fortune? Invest a large fortune in a sailmaking venture.
  17. DPope

    Black Sails

    That was entertaining.
  18. DPope

    Should boats ever be allowed to start without crossing the start line?

    Precedent for this sort of thing for this event was set years ago under somewhat similar conditions. I'm guessing the same guy made the call back then and nobody bitched. The idea is to get everyone to the party. I used to take this stuff more seriously but it's really not woth it for an...
  19. DPope

    Bermuda 1-2

    There's a web cam on the roof of the Newport Hyatt that's pointed at the start line.