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    The Ocean Race Leg 4: Itajai, Brazil to Newport RI

    Nope. The proposed rule is for vessel over 35’, so pretty much any offshore racing boat, almost every east coast port is included from 1 Nov - 30 Apr. The current rule applies to vessels >65’, which I would think the Imocas exceed, with their bowsprit. As long as they don’t get to Newport...
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    The Ocean Race Leg 4: Itajai, Brazil to Newport RI

    What about the new whale speed limits? won’t they have stay <10kts on the final approach to RI?
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    Composite expert in RI?

    What’s the occasion, to bring the J111 over to North America?
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    How much do pro sailors get per day?

    There have been races we’ve done, where our regular bow guy was unavailable, and the sub-in cost us enough (in ruined sails) to pay four pros.
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    Cayard out at US Failing

    Everyone’s blaming the United States’ poor Olympic results on funding, or USS leadership, coach boats,etc…. What if we just don’t have very good sailors? Here, its mostly the rich kids who sail. Might not be the best gene pool.
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    Captains Compass Charter BVI Review

    Sorry man but that post is just so obviously fake. or not, believe whatever you want…sucker born every minute I guess.
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    Captains Compass Charter BVI Review

    Haha, loving these posts by ”totally not ficticious“ and “satisfied customers“. This Brent guy even “reads people well” and “assured me my family will be safe”. Please come back and finish this amazing story when you are done gargling your own… I mean “Brent’s” balls.
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    U$ $ailing: How much is it worth to ya?

    What was it last year? I could not care less about the Olympics, ever since they canceled the double handed distance race?
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    the weight

    Water salinity only measured at surface… In brackish areas, it’ll can be freshper on top, saltier below, especially after a big rainfall.
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    Replacing Halyards

    Robline Copa 5000 9mm (actually about 9.5mm). Best performance for value. Sk78 core, 50/50 technora polyester cover. Very grippy cover.
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    New solo RTW attempt on 60 foot tri

    USCG credentials aside… who ever refers to themselves as “Captain“ unless they are actively on a boat where they are employed as a skipper? It’s just lame, and has that ”trying too hard to impress people who don’t sail” vibe. Speaking of which, refers to himself as a “professional” sailor -...
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    New solo RTW attempt on 60 foot tri

    If you can’t take care of your sails at anchor, how are you going to take care of them in the Southern Ocean?
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    but wait, there's more!

    Why did they take away the down-vote button? Badly needed here…
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    but wait, there's more!

    No you dense fucking retard. The boat weighed MORE than it was supposed to (based on some older and outdated measurement). So they REMOVED weight and had it it remeasured. When you take a Med TP and set it up for offshore, it’s going to gain weight. My God you are a dumb little twat.
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    but wait, there's more!

    This thread more and more convinces me that the majority of people are retards. The fucking boat was measured. The sails were recut smaller and remeasured. The rating improved a tiny bit. They won… big fucking deal. This is what winning teams do... they optimize to to the rating, there’s...
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    2022 Sydney To Hobart

    No, it was measured for ORC in 2019, and in Nov 2022, using boom incline method. Y’all need to understand these measurements are not going to be 100% accurate, there’s a small margin of error. It is entrely plausible that between 2019 -2022, they added weight AND shaved the bulb, and the end...
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    but wait, there's more!

    What “contract” exists between some random UK spectator and RORC?
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    2022 Sydney To Hobart

    Sorry, but where’s the evidence that anyone cheated? They weighed the boat, made some optimizations to bulb & sails, and improved their rating. This is what all the TPs do, big fucking deal. if there’s a discrepancy with the new measured weight, it’s just as likely that the old weight was...
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    2022 Sydney To Hobart

    Probably not. ORC has a variety of obscure rules on these rarely encountered corner cases. I race in ORC and never heard of this one, and it took a week for anyone else to notice.
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    A+T ATVMU14 Vertical vs B&G WS730

    I have the B&G 213 1m vertical wand… it looks like I could just get the new a+t Vane assembly & PCB. Or do I also need to swap the upper /lower bearings and wind cups?

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