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  1. sangster

    New Class Dev

    Consider making an app for feeding results to your ranking software. Most sailors now days (especially those in expensive full carbon boats) have smart phones, put the phone in a cheap waterproof case, strap it to the boat, and have the app track the boat around the course, then it sends the...
  2. sangster

    New Class Dev

    I'm not sure a shipping container counts as easily travelling with a wing. And even though they were no more expensive than normal mast+boom+sails the fact you had to replace/repair it every time you went out sailing made it pretty expensive =)
  3. sangster

    Mothie for the heavy weights

    I'm around 90kg atm, and have no problems sailing a Moth. In 7-9 knots it can be frustrating as I can't foil and the lighter guys can. But once it gets to 10+ knots its more about your boat handling than weight. 20+ knots is where it starts being advantageous being a fatty =)
  4. sangster

    Olympic kitesurfing in Sydney

    Kite surfing is also entirely banned in Sydney Harbour (although it is permitted in Botany Bay and Pittwater)
  5. sangster

    Olympic kitesurfing in Sydney

    A bunch of 18' skiff sailors, and some top of fleet 49er & Moth sailors. However these are people added to the facebook group (facebook force joins them, and then they can opt out later). So their initial inclusion in the group doesn't necessarily imply that they are interested in an...
  6. sangster

    WOW - Oracle AC45 with foils !

    It could be using a sonar to determine how high out of water they are, I have tinkered a little with one on my Moth and it could be quite effective if battery life and class rules weren't an issue
  7. sangster

    Moth Worlds

    Unfortunately I can't imagine that many people will be weighing their boats down with significant amounts of graphics
  8. sangster

    ISAF Women’s Skiff Evaluation - Stop press...

    Nice that FX is hauling ass downwind. If it gets into production its quite likely I would get one of those rigs for my wife
  9. sangster

    Sydney 18S

    A well sailed Moth in the right conditions would probably beat that 50min time, even with a few capsizes the good Moths are about 10-15mins faster around the 18s course. (I am a mid fleet Moth and I am about on par with 7 around the NE course) But I don't think anyone pays much attention to the...
  10. sangster

    The Tribe of Ben

    Have you had a go on a Moth yet?
  11. sangster

    Favorite Videos

    Awesome, a new kite v moth video would be cool. Hopefully they can get a decent 18' skiff as the 3rd boat this time, as the poor 49er was a bit slow in the last one. My favourite video would have to be one of :
  12. sangster

    Dinghy Sailing in Australia

    Woollahra Sailing Club on south side of harbour has a 49er that they hire out (and some lasers etc) Balmoral Boat Hire have some catamarans on the north side of harbour I was under the impression that Manly and Middle Harbour had dropped the 13' skiff for the 29er, not sure if you can hire...
  13. sangster

    Moth Europeans starts soon in Travemuende

    Well based on results of most recent worlds Josh McKnight is the highest ranked entrant, but he has hardly sailed his boat in that last 6 months so he is probably somewhat rusty.
  14. sangster

    Crashboats, Rescue Boats, Safety boats, Race Committe Boats

    +1 for RIBs as per Phils description. For the committee boat you can use almost anything, preferably something with a decent amount of shade
  15. sangster

    Moth fleet

    In Woollahra, Sydney, Australia we have about 25 moths at the club, and get 7-12 of them on the water on race days (Saturday & Wednesday arvo racing in summer, saturday morning training/racing in winter)
  16. sangster

    No skiff at 2016 Olympics

    A foiler like the Moth would be good fit for the modern televised Olympics because its probably the only boat that non sailors find interesting enough to go out of their way to watch. Its not unusual for us to get 2-3 non sailors coming to talk about the class after they have seen the moths out...
  17. sangster

    Peter Loft marathon in Sydney

    I've been wanting to do this race for a while, thanks for the reminder =) Is there parking available for trailers anywhere near the club?
  18. sangster

    Australian Lightweight Sharpies

    Moths are a fair bit cheaper than that. In AU$ : Moth $15k-25k Sharpie $25-40k 49er $34k 14' $36k
  19. sangster

    Australian Lightweight Sharpies

    lol yes you did nearly run over me, scared the crap outta me when you came up behind me like that. I wasnt sure if I should head up to try foil, or jybe away... or go straight and trust you not to hit me =) Pretty impressive if the sharpies can get 70+ boats to a nationals, not many aus classes...

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