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  1. Arthur Peltzer


    Has anyone tried the Expedition Wear App for Android wear 2.0? I have installed it but I have no clue on how to connect it to Expedition.
  2. Arthur Peltzer

    ORC inclining test method

    This gap has closed almost completely since IRC is recording bulb weights and keel types while ORC has lowered it's rating cost of stability.
  3. Arthur Peltzer

    Race tracking

    On the other hand, owners that can not spend $50-100K for a race will not mind if they can see boats ahead in a light spot, and you want them considering the next race too, maybe even more. You watch boats sailing into light spots in short daylight races too, so it is a normal part of the...
  4. Arthur Peltzer

    another boat without a keel... (Yes, I know the story is in dutch/ designer himself most probably one of the two victims (Frans Maas(standfast)))

    I can assure you Frans Maas never ever saved weight on keel structures, he lived and sailed on quite a rough part of the North Sea and build and designed all his boats to deal with that, his build quality could match yards like Nautor's Swan. This boat has raced 10.000's of miles in offshore...
  5. Arthur Peltzer

    European sportboat championship 2016

    The European sportboat championship has just ended in Chioggia Italy. It feature 40 entries with boats of all types and sizes. First was an Italian one off, second a Delta 84 and third a SB 20. Results and pictures:
  6. Arthur Peltzer

    One Ton Cup Revival 2016

    The One Ton Cup revival 2016, taking place in Breskens, the Netherlands is already showing promising entry numbers from an international group of participants. The fleet is divided in classic RORC One Tonners and two classes of IOR One Tonners. Could the One Tonners follow the steps of the...
  7. Arthur Peltzer

    ORC certificate

    "no VPP in existence can accommodate planing and non planing boats" Actually VPP's can handle planing boats without much difficulty, designers of boats like IMCO 60's and TP 52's are not just guessing around about the target speed of their planing designs. If you look at the results of the...
  8. Arthur Peltzer

    Velocity Prediction Program

    Just spent the 10 Euro's at ORC sailor service and get the right results. Getting your hullfile imported in a free or cheap VPP is nearly impossible and the results will be as valuable as their price.
  9. Arthur Peltzer

    Anyone know where is the new Ran is being built?

    It will be build at Persico according to Seahorse Magazine.
  10. Arthur Peltzer

    Another giant plywood dream a 50 ft power tri with two 6 hp obs.

    Actually I don't think the plywood is meant to be structural, it is more a fiberglass boat with the male mould left in. The sizing of the frames and beams look appropriate for being propelled just by 2 tiny outboards, Depending on the glass layup on the outside and the quality of the framing...
  11. Arthur Peltzer

    What Could Go Wrong?

    It looks exactly like an oversized McGregor. Maybe they tried to copy it and forgot to include the waterballast and the huge outboard?
  12. Arthur Peltzer

    VPP Graph Generation

    From the ORC website you can not only download ORC certificates, but you can also order a so called Speed Guide (polar diagrams and speed data) for any ORC measured boat. Much faster, cheaper and more accurate than collecting the data yourself, unless you have a really sophisticated and well...
  13. Arthur Peltzer

    Reverse Sheers

    Waarschip 700 LD Lapstrake plywood/woodcore
  14. Arthur Peltzer

    Confused about IOR level-raters...

    Truck's, level-raters and hamburgers are all perfectly manageable up to about walking speed. If you try to go faster they all tend to go out of control and things can end up quite messy ! :rolleyes:
  15. Arthur Peltzer

    Breaking News on the America's Cup

    I think it is more like comparing F1 with top fuel dragsters. Cat's like dragsters are fast, can't handle corners and have to stay well clear of each other to prevent problems. In the end it is a matter of taste, I prefer the close racing of F1 and the mono's. The 12's in a force 6+ at Fremantle...
  16. Arthur Peltzer

    There´s only one thing worse than being a bad loser:

    A good rant is ok and fun sometimes, but lately it went way over the top. You could easily think you had arrived at some American patriot's site instead of one about the love and fun of our sport. Let us hope this is all over and done now, and SA turns back to the the excellent international...
  17. Arthur Peltzer

    composite rigging in ORC

    Yes, composite rigging is allowed under the ORC handicap rules.
  18. Arthur Peltzer

    ORC Club system

    When in doubt they stick with the "medium wind" figure, after all most single handicap ratings are a kind of "medium wind" figure. Here in Holland they normally hoist a L, M or H at the start so you can figure out your position right after the finish. The advantage is in the more extreme...
  19. Arthur Peltzer

    IMS DSPM vs Actual weight

    IRC Empty weight is IMS DSPM minus safety equipment (anchors, fire extinguishers etc.) RORC rating office uses DSPM-2%= Empty weight as a default.

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