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    A-Class foiling sailors

    congrats @galacticair . Windward roll is the hardest thing for people starting out and appears to be common for foilers in general, not just the A. You ease the sail to fly, the boat accelerates and the apparent wind goes forward, and then you roll to windward as you loose heeling moment from...
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    costs as a rated factor ?

    Ironic to post about Etchells in a discussion on cost containment. Look at the number of corinthian teams at the recent Worlds:
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    Why do I always do a pirouette picking up my mooring single handed?

    I use a snap shackle on my mainsheet for the catamaran for a similar purpose as it has so much power and not a lot of range. I have never recommended a snap shackle on a keelboat main sheet system but it might work perfectly in your situation as you approach the mooring.
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    A4 VS yanmar 2ym15

    The challenge on repowering an old boat is that the cost of the work can easily exceed the cost of a replacement boat. In my experience it is more cost efficient to keep an engine running or replace like for like and then upgrade with the next boat. I have an Atomic Four in my 36 foot boat...
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    A-Class foiling sailors

    Hi FG, I've got a 2020 eXploder. It is a great boat, and I've had 6 A-cats before. Looks like I have the same traveller set up as you. It has not been a problem for me as it is pretty close to a traditional traveller on a catamaran in terms of control line. For me the mainsheet and...
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    Onboard Wahoo for Ensenada Race

    Speed over the water looked very good for the conditions. Congrats
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    Batten advice on a GC 32

    Battens are measured in bend resistance and teams will track this and manage a wide selection for the condition. I don’t recommend trying to hack something together using the same material. Get some good battens. If you can get them used, talk to the original sailmaker and explain your need.
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    Batten advice on a GC 32

    Local loft with old battens or a GC32 with battens they no longer want Will be your most economical solution. Your apparent wind will be a lot lower so if you find some soft GC32 battens nobody wants might be ideal as there is both an art and science to battens and sail shape and performance.
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    Parted Mooring Line in Morro Bay. Could use some help

    Glad people are realizing just how tight these bolts are. I remember a builder telling me to stop worrying about floating or supported keel as the tension is so much higher than the keel weight. I haven’t done to myself, but the challenge to me is finding something to react the force against...
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    Parted Mooring Line in Morro Bay. Could use some help

    Agreed on bolt tension. Keel bolts have a spec for tightening that is very high. For instance, my 36 footer is 350 lb ft IIRC. The number is so high it’s not easy to plan how to deliver that amount of force inside a cabin. What have others done?
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    looking for a alternative to a 505

    505 is great, no question. Off the boom sheeting is not bad either and it opens up the cockpit area. 29er and 505 are very different in terms of fleets and boat type but with similar performance. What is close to you as AnIdiot asks?
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    Racers: Tiller or Wheel.

    A wheel can be very good on feel and address a lot of issues a tiller has. A tiller can be very good and address the issues a wheel has. Kind of a silly thing to argue. A bad wheel can be worse than a bad tiller in that it has more room for slop, but that does not mean a wheel can't also feel...
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    Brand new LP Laser?

    Sometimes getting a new boat is a nice treat and means you will sail more. Hard to beat the Rocket as others have noted for a casual boat like what you are used to but better. The people who designed and built it used to make the Sunfish, Laser, and others and really know their stuff. Neo is...
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    University of FL research: Nothing normal is going to safely carry a full strike as Diarmuid says. The charge has made it across miles of nothing and a few feet or meters of any material that is less conductive won’t stop it...
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    In tower construction for radio systems, there is a lot of knowledge and data now on lightning. One long lived standard is Motorola R56. I’ve never seen it come up in marine discussions but seems relevant with a lot of money going into it over the years for public safety radios etc across the...
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    Prepping an old Racer/Cruiser for offshore work again

    You could go ebay on a backstay adjuster like this: Not sure if that is worthwhile or not. A new one is $2500+? I don't know details on sizing. I adjust mine often even on short beats if the wind strength changes much. Another option would be to...
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    Prepping an old Racer/Cruiser for offshore work again

    Great boat. I have a C&C 36 of the same era and it is sturdy and a pleasure to sail. A lot of the standard stuff you have written will probably pass checks and not need replacement. If the boat has ever had any deck leaks, check the bulkheads for any rot at their bases. They are ply and...
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    What's the best versatile foiler?

    The tri foiler is an interesting recommendation. I used to see them in San Francisco Bay when they first came out, something probably none of the other candidate boats would want to do.
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    Schock 35 dilemma - I could use some help, or....

    I sympathize with the issue here and know many owners have and will go through similar experiences. On thing I wonder about for boats of this era (I have one a little older myself) is how much longer they will be what we want. Maybe 10 more years? I have no idea, but it makes me wonder about...
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    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Good info above. Agreed. The spin outs on the Neel also seemed so odd. I’ve never sailed a boat that was so unbalanced that I had to run the motor to go straight nor heard of such. I am skeptical the boat is _that_ off on balance or rudder authority but have no first hand knowledge. I have...

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