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  1. The Black Pearl

    2013 Sydney to Hobart

    Think I saw his picture on a milk carton this am
  2. The Black Pearl

    2013 Sydney to Hobart

    Loyal starting to put pedal to metal
  3. The Black Pearl

    2013 Sydney to Hobart

    Now theres an idea worth exploring!!
  4. The Black Pearl

    2013 Sydney to Hobart

    Lived there 4 years and did 3 S2H…. totally get what your seeing
  5. The Black Pearl

    2013 Sydney to Hobart

    same issue…. same ol" same ol"
  6. The Black Pearl

    2013 Sydney to Hobart

    Nh, hell already be out the back of the wave! He could radio back and report on depth, cold etc to prep helmsman....
  7. The Black Pearl

    Melges 20 campaign design

    PM me. happy to share a spread sheet I used for my campaign. Or talk to Andy or Matt at Melges. They tell you what you need to know. Awesome boat and fleet by the way
  8. The Black Pearl

    Fastest accelerating dinghy?

    OK so at this weekends Moths WInter Series in Charleston, the topic came up of "Which boat accelerates fastest?" This came about after a 25 - 30 knot front came through and we all enjoyed the windward mark bear away, which in a Moth is just staggering (If you make it!). Guess its going from 15...
  9. The Black Pearl

    US sailing - oh, nevermind

    I'd add to this as another displaced Brit. I was so fortunate to start in UK in late 70s due to the out reach from a local club. My parents weren't rich or into sailing just thought it was a good idea for an 11 yr old! Moving forward by my late teens, RYA, had already set up youth coaching...
  10. The Black Pearl

    Tire Chocks. Use Them!

    At least trailer wheel bearings stayed dry!
  11. The Black Pearl

    The World At War

    I think we need to look at age. All these classes are sailed by "predominantly older people". When I had the true fortune to start sailing (and I didn't come for a sailing family) my Dad signed me up to a sailing course at local club that was progressive enough at the time for members to offer...
  12. The Black Pearl

    Rigging materials - PBO, C6, Dyneema, wire

    I used the Southern Spars C6 on my Moth last year. Long story on how I got it including a broken mast but anyway I digress. Set it up at home and took it to the Gorge. For one glorious practice day it was truly awesome. Felt like the boat would just accelerate in the gusts like nothing else...
  13. The Black Pearl

    Kestrel dinghy?

    And finally heres a pic for 1987 of the one we dug out of the sand, rebuilt, re rigged, and raced. Happy days!
  14. The Black Pearl

    VOR Leg 6

    I'm starting to pull for Puma........ Go the cat! Have sailed very well so far, seem super consistent.....
  15. The Black Pearl

    Kestrel dinghy?

    Raced these in the Middle East. Oil company had several at its beach club in varying to terrible state of repair. Dug mine out of the beach where it was being used as a kids playground toy. Got a local contractor to repair it, and a sponsor to pay for new rig. Went on to win club...
  16. The Black Pearl

    Moth From Austin to Miami?? and home?

    Not tried UPS, but last year we shipped 4 by FedEx from Gorge to LA! You've gotta love it!
  17. The Black Pearl

    Wanted: Crappy non skid for Moth

    I'll get the popcorn. Back in a mo.....
  18. The Black Pearl

    No toilet???

    Its disappointing that the toilet brush isn't carbon. I thought these guys were serious racers!
  19. The Black Pearl

    Do you like to Sail ? Do you like to Fly ? How about both at the same

    They are even more fun than that! Great weekend in a stellar location....
  20. The Black Pearl

    Moth foil shims

    +1 cheap and cheerful... oh and effective

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