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    Banque Populaire dropping ClaCla

    Isn't it the purpose of the wild card to support a project not otherwise qualified that deserves it and would fall outside the qualification rules? Maybe they would need a couple of wild cards instead of one given the number of boats interested in starting, especially in an edition with some...
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    Recon diary

    If it was the main purpose, then they would have declared the pulling mast their only mast as the ruling just prevented them to change the mast once it was used, not to use that particular one. They definitely picked the one mast that had most interest to them. Still the most intriguing team so...
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    Recon diary

    If they were going the flapless route, you would still want to have them look like they have flaps just to avoid revealing too much. The only difference being the surface will be smoother once they remove the gap/disruption. The first thought would be that this will improve the efficiency of the...
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    ETNZ To Attempt Wind Powered Land Speed Word Record

    Actually interesting to know what is their strategy and real goal when seeing predictions coming in. Will they just be happy beating the record or they want a proper shot at it until they think they've extract most of the craft and had conditions near perfect. Curious if they will mention...
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    THE IMOCA thread, single/double handed & TOR

    I don't know how much margin there is really given the rig and foils limitations, we are not seeing bit steps in speed as was the case with the first foilers. In addition they seem more sensitive than traditional boats and take more time to mature. I am surprised not to see new boats released...
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    I would like to and recently got a suscription (gifted) to Sailorz with a lot of sailing content only to be disappointed by the general very poor editing. As a sailing enthusiast, knowing the rules, I am struggling to follow what happened so I can't even guess for non sailor. Either they are...
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    Kiteboarding Anarchy

    Interesting to see some fellow snow kiter. Despite snow 6+ months a year here in Northern Sweden, it's not very popular and I often kite alone. Have two sails for now: Peter Lynn venom 10m & flexifoil sabre 7m Unfortunately wind is terrible as it's often pretty gusty and shifty. Often under 10...
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    What happened with our friend STINGRAY ?!

    Why create an empty thread? #IggyAnarchist More seriously not using it (much) but can understand the reciprocity thing when someone become a target. Not sure 4 and spamdaddy would have spared us though...
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    THE IMOCA thread, single/double handed & TOR

    Clearly done for fun and probably as a demonstrator for the rule book writers. Have to say that it looks more stable than any ass assisted fly. Has to be on the table for the VG2028. Would be interested to hear expectation about failures (from boat handling perspective), not sure it increases...
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    What will AC75 v 2 look like

    Or is the change of box size to allow a big enough curvature for a bi plane foil, adding foil length and tunneling effect between both planes + when lifted part of the foil comes out of the water and reduce drag. The stress in the curvature? Let's leave that aside, it doesn't matter on SA...
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    Trophée Jules Verne 2021

    I wonder if teams searching for this perfect windows are not actually missing some "average" windows which are developing into good ones. When looking for optimal forecast, they can only evolve negatively (or eventually keep up to their promises) but weather is not always according to forecast...
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    Transat Jacques Vabre 2021

    That's the downside or upside of sailing depending how you want to look at it, no leaderboard can be trusted until the arrival. They might as well use a simple metric that is understood by most even if the more advanced follower will know it is inaccurate. Might be tricky during family talks to...
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    Transat Jacques Vabre 2021

    Bit split on this but don't mind for the Ultimes as a special class, don't want it for Multi 50, Imoca and Class 40. Why 2 set of rules, it's already basically the case with weather routing and Ultimes are such expensive campaigns that are made possible thanks to the exposure during races, if it...
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    Fastnet 2021

    Good one and the start renders pretty well, shows how stressful it might be for double handed IMOCA in a big fleet environment and lack of maneuverability.  Good job from the mediaman.
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    Boats and foils comparison

    Interesting comments about early take off and cavitation, we are not done with foils development and we might see the result for the next AC cycle. And they admit taking some ideas from AC into Ultim. Wish we could have similar visit of an AC75 (which is highly unlikely to happen).
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    Fastnet 2021

    We might see different approach in route making in the future simply as boat are exceeding the speed of the wind which make some adverse current favorable to them. If you look at AC or SGP boats, they are often seeking to go against the tide to maximize VMG (as it increases the apparent wind and...
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    Ultime / G-Class Development

    Only saw this one and difficult to judge the height of the boom but it looks to be in between the cockpits indeed. Navigation angle isn't a big surprise but it raises a few question about safety. Surely you might want more travel than that in some situation in the South Pacific. About the view...
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    Ultime / G-Class Development

    Supposedly live on Instagram right now with hangar door opening at 10AM (CET) and they put the boat in the water at 12PM but couldn't find any video. They have short bits on Instagram but nothing like a live video (except if the first part is over already, will have another look in 1h30). Here...
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    Trickle down effect Hard to have more direct link than this one, it's like a smaller version of an AC boat. Interesting interview on the concept: 
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    The Nationality Rule : The Pros and Cons

    The crew should be demographically representative of the country. That would be a nice one and in a sense not much different from the nationality rule. It all depends on the definition and restriction, if it is only imposing a majority of the crew and shore staff (>50%) are from the country...

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