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    what is it? certainly appears that way
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    what is it?

    thats the Herbie from OTUSA last cycle
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    Free Hobie

    Haha, well yeah, no shit your 2007 is light. I was referring to the 84' divide and the 70's/early 80's Hobies I've owned (and I'm on #5 - none bought new). Of which the majority of used Hobies for sale on craigslist or available for free generally fall into. I would be pretty stoked to see your...
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    Hobie racing in California

    The Hobie 18 fleet is making a comeback in CA right now! We just had our opening regatta Hobie days in Avila beach where the North Americans will be held this august. Great regatta, 12 Hobie 18's on the water with tight racing through-out the fleet. People of all experience levels, and a lot of...
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    Free Hobie

    yeah late 80s are good hulls
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    Gunboat G4 Foiler

    The video is on Facebook, Peter is tagged in it. On board footage.
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    New keel design thought experiment - whale power

    Ramblers rudders?
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    Route du Rhum 2014

    Man he is cool. almost there
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    AC35 Protocol released

    “We’re going to have our work cut out for us, that’s for sure.” So says ORACLE TEAM USA skipper Jimmy Spithill as he assesses the competition for the 35th America’s Cup. Today, the Protocol was released, which defines the rules, format and commercial regulations for the 35th America’s Cup...
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    Gunboat G4 Foiler

    It was a very fast boat. His book describes many examples of that. I think its also easy to see in the frame above the reduced foil surface actually in the water. In his book he also describes many situations while cruising the pacific that indicate the ladder system with its reserve lift is...
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    GF42 Tri

    The way the hull chines curl around is pretty sexy. Looks like you guys are making great progress. What is board control like? This interior is very unique, I really dig it. Thanks for posting info.
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    Has anyone else seen or heard about this?

    Seems logistically it would be a lot tougher. Here in SF I watched all the work that went into build out of event facilities not just for the ACEA but the teams and their families as well. Though i guess ENTZ team base was only here for a couple months. On the other hand would love to go to...
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    Oracle AC72

    Top for the most epic AC thread. Also, I was under the impression that OR was vacating pier 80? now that BOR90 is gone, whats left? Are the ac72 still there? I mean, its not like theres anywhere else for them to go I guess.
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    GF42 Tri

    Ask and you shall receive! Very cool, thank you for your reply, looking forward to seeing more. Is this a one-off, or is production planned?
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    GF42 Tri

    I came across this bitchen new tri and haven't seen anything on here or really much about it at all. Looks like its going to be FAST, though only has curved alma boards, doesn't look like much lifting goin on. Still, good to see another fast tri in the works. The designer does some other really...
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    Hydroptere attempt to go to 100 knots!

    Seems to me that the next advancement will be when they move the wing, off the boat, and start flying it like a kite and loose the planing surface under the bow, going pure foiler. As far as foiling ocean cruising, I've always liked David Keiper's Williwaw and its ladder system. While higher...
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    Anything ac related still kicking in San Fran

    Unfortunately not. OR base is still down at pier 80, at least the name on the hanger. I don't know what the status of everything inside is. Haven't followed the thread about the BOR90 leaving in a while, check that out, it might still be there. The AC park is totally closed. I can't think of...
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    psycho killers?

    looks like ben, jimmy, and grumpy to me
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    M 80 A new tri for the home builder

    Wayne, Got an update on the build In NZ? Would love to see some pics. Also a study for the day cruiser version would be great.

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