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  1. Lotion

    The world loses a great young sailor

    Bob, I am so sorry for your loss, I don't know how I would handle such a crushing blow. I have just kissed my son. L
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    Sailing in SE Asia

    Hi, Not a lot of choice in Saigon: however there's dinghy sailing in Mui Ne: the contact information for Julia Shaw is on the site. The regatta in Vung Tau information is here: Best bet for racing is Thailand...
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    "The General"

    The last of the V8 Interceptors... a piece of history! Would've been a shame to blow it up.
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    Destination Viet Nam...

    Deev, check out the Andaman Sea Pilot, there may be some useful information in there. As sailor, resident for 10 years and having done 2 HK-VN yacht races, I can tell you there's plenty of red tape, zero marinas (but every man and his dog is "building...
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    Favourite sailing quote?

    "The bitch doesn't really get going 'till the rail's in the water!" About Hobart winning 1/2 tonner Screwloose
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    What if . . . BOR MOB?

    Thought that was Duncan?
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    is the Weta any good

    How about: Complete redneck twat?
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    is the Weta any good

    Redneck twat...
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    Jessica Watson, WOW!

    Maybe Barman should change his handle to 'never done Jack'? "Riding on their armchairs They dream of wealth and fame Fear is their companion Nintendo is their game Never done Jack and two thumbs Don And sidekick don't say Dick We'll laugh at...
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    Condolences, Haji

    Deepest sympathy.
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    A Sad Loss

    Sail on lad, sail on dad. sail on lad, sail on dad.
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    A Sad Loss

    Hearfelt sympathy for your loss.
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    Death in Detroit

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    Sailing Anarchists Affected by Cancer

    Total sympathies DCMJ. Mum died 2 years ago in a similar fashion. One of the positives is that it was mercifully quick. You said it mate, cherish the time.
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    Toast to SPORTSCAR

    Cheers to Sportscar! Good times.
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    Crew Whores

    "Drive Fast and Carelessly" Nice one, LGS. It speaks volumes about your values. Every year, around the world, there are thousands of senseless deaths and untold trauma caused by people like you. Vast sums of money are spent trying to educate drivers, yet YOU think it's cool to encourage death...
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    Tiger Beer

    Rubbish. The legend has it that the then brewers of 33 beer in Vietnam used formaldehyde in their draft to keep it fresh for the GIs during the American War. Tiger DOES give you a headache, though it's more to do with the amount drunk than the ingredients. There's better Asian beers though...
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    T30 photos

    Hey Wal', Looks like the shot's distorted, can you post again please?