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    R&R deck access panel

    It will either be pretty easy or a true pain in the ass. Start small and simple- use a utility knife to cut thru as much of the sealant as possible and follow that with what DDW and Ryley said with the flexible scraper to work all the way around. If its hard to cut then you're dealing with...
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    Farr 40

    My thoughts exactly
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    J35c bow sprit

    I tack a 120sw meter assym to the bow roller on our J40. Its not anything special but it is made of welded stainless. Never had an issue.
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    Better sailing performance on a liveaboard cruiser?

    The 3 blade prop will be your quickest, easiest, cheapest replacement to gain .5 knots though. You can find a used max prop, Ewol, or similar that fits in your prop aperture and will feather cleanly. The "cheapest" part of my comment is in comparison to a new sail, they run around the same...
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    What's at stake with NBR Misconduct rule 69?

    I got my first Bermuda ride from these very forums once upon a time. Walk the docks is a great way to get started. Doing that with a 12pk of beer in hand won't hurt your chances either. Most boats are happy to have an enthusiastic crew who shows up to the roster- skilled or not- a good...
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    52nd Thrash to the Onion Patch

    Probably old news and I don't know why the hearing was postponed- probably until the offending party was available to attend hearing via zoom id guess. I saw yesterday they were found to have committed an offense under rule 69.1a and the findings are being forwarded to US Sailing. I heard the...
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    The Tarnishing of the Annapolis Yacht Club - Commodore Hartman Needs to Resign

    who cares?  Your local YC newsletter has just as good of a shot as CNN of getting the news right these days.  Go support your club, or dont.  We don't care.  Even better, go run against the guy if he is that offensive to your sensibilities and maybe if enough people agree they'll vote you into...
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    Caption Contest

    measurement requirements get worse and worse with every new handicap system that comes out
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    Caption Contest

    im still looking for something wrong with this pic...
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    J4x maintenance costs

    +1 on the 10% of the value of the boat per year for your high level, basic costs of ownership- hauling/launching/storage/basic engine maintenance and winterizing type/basic insurance costs that allow you to have the boat in the water every year.  Your personal mooring/slip/yacht...
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    Symmetric Spinnaker Handling

    Im on a J40.  My symmetric kite is in a snuffer.  Go ahead and make fun of me, but it does make things easier and more manageable for single or double handing... that said-  the snuffer is a pain in the ass  and if you dont manage it right you can get a couple of twists and it becomes much more...
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    Solo night watch

    I wouldn't trust the AIS on its own with my life and I'd probably never be able to fall asleep if that was my only warning...  A radar alarm would probably be the most reliable if you have to run just 1 electronic item.  I'd probably go with both and make sure the alarms are LOUD.   Just like...
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    what is it?

    Looks like a star with a weird repaired bow or maybe they added a few inches of faux bow to meet minimum LOA requirement in order to sail in their weeknight beer can fleet... def star mast, boom, rigging though.
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    Fucking parasites

    I've got 30ft cruising boat in the northeast US where we bang around the buoys on weds nights and do some of the local weekend races and the like.  I typically bring beer and snacks, but the crew usually brings (more) beer as well on weds nights.  We get drunk and its fun.  For weekend stuff...
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    Offshore racing costs

    It really depends on the boat.  I just prepped my old slow boat for an offshore race.  We were set up for local round the buoy "racing".  I'd focus on the structural design aspects of your boat before you worry about gear you can load on, etc since these are more difficult to do/require someone...
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    Deal Killers?

    I am with Kent Island Sailor on this. Its hard to stop looking through the small projects and forget to tally up those hours because they add up quickly.  Buy the boat if you can use it right away so you can do projects on your schedule in between fun instead of buying a project that needs...
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    Halifax Lodging

    Perfect, exactly the info i needed.  Thanks fufkin
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    Halifax Lodging

    So its worth being closer to downtown then?  Im not sure what the post race party scene is like at the YC and if it will be worth staying closer to there or just cabbing over for the night and then back... For example-after a Newport-Bermuda race everything is happening at the YC in the...
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    Halifax Lodging

    Yes, good tip. They have a lot of places listed on the race website as well. I am really curious as to *where* in town would be convenient as far as getting to the YC or bars and such.  Or maybe its just a small enough city that being downtown anywhere is fine?
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    Halifax Lodging

    Anyone have any suggestions about places to stay after the Halifax race?  Never been there, never done the race before but I know we will be tired of being on the boat once we get there... What part of town is convenient to get to the party?  Does that even matter?  Suggested places like hotels...