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    Lithium Power Packs Connected To Shore Power System

    My best guess is with boats like ours (under 30 feet) is the days of them being sold new with gas outboards is limited. I think increasingly boats in this size range are going to be equipped with electric outboards and the necessary batteries to run them. So, your power pack idea, probably...
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    Talk to me: cruising in a Drascombe Coaster

    Not a Drascombe Coaster but I have done a lot of inland/near shore cruising on a Bay Hen which is pretty close in size to a Drascombe Coaster, length, beam, weight, cabin. In terms of size, I think it's a great size for solo camp cruising. Light enough to have a chance to manhandle in the...
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    Nordica 20

    A pain to trailer due to weight and draft. Nice interior for a 20 footer if you can figure out a way to make trailering work.
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    Windrider 16?

    I tried to buy a wr16 sail from them in the fall, they said they would get back to me with a shipping quote, then silence. Figure I could just have one made by a local sailmaker if I need one.
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    Have Torqueedo Outboards Come of Age Yet

    I did a Torqeedo test today. My first Torqeedo was a 1003 which I sold a couple of years ago, just replaced it with an 1103- What a difference a generation makes. Test was on a 900 pound 21 ft Bay Hen sailboat with 4 people on board over 10 miles of motoring on a river. The motor performed...
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    What could cause a yacht like this to acquire a hole so big to be unfloatabe?

    Failed through hull. Either accidental or intentional.
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    Everglades Challenge 2023

    The pass was really good sailing. We went south of Dickmans Island. I attached a chart image below. Southern Channel near depth marked 0.6.
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    Everglades Challenge 2023

    Another vid I shot this year. This was South Caxambas Pass in the Core Sound. Fun conditions. On shore wind with an outgoing tide. Wind waves were stacking on the standing waves from the current making for roley conditions. A few accidental gybes.
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    Everglades Challenge 2023

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    Everglades Challenge 2023

    Couple pics of CrazyR's proa on the water. This was just inside Stump pass.
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    Everglades Challenge 2023

    It's not my boat, I was sailing as crew and camera man lol. We do know how the boat behaves full of water because we punched a hole in her and filled her up with water. The boat floats pretty high with the cabin swamped. Lots of compartmental floatation built in. Cool boats and with the 300...
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    Everglades Challenge 2023

    Wasn't too concerned. Have to put those boats pretty far over to fill the cabin.
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    Everglades Challenge 2023

    Ya, the wind kind of sucked. Just enough to steer with.
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    Everglades Challenge 2023

    I let the camera roll sailing through Stump Pass this year. Full video of Stump here.
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    Everglades Challenge 2023

    First of my EC videos, this one is a bit lame because I shot it with my cell phone with no editing capability, but to follow I have Gopro footage of each ; Stump Pass, Gasparilla, and South Caxambas pass. I haven't been able to look at the footage yet, but I think it will be good. Basically...
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    Everglades Challenge 2023

    I had a YouTube binge fest on Thursday night. There is so much new content since my last participation that I never made it to "The Challenge".
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    Convince Me To Buy A Chartplotter!

    I have been using a cell phone with Navionics since about 2014. Works fine for me.
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    Cruising on a Trailer Sailer

    weight mostly. I drive a minivan with no plans to change to a truck. Over 25 feet and under 2500 pounds, I don't think any other boats come close in weight. Currently sailing a Bay Hen (for about 7 years now) but the kids have gotten too big for that boat, need another 4 or 5 feet if we are...
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    Cruising on a Trailer Sailer

    We are currently shopping to upsize from our trailerable camp cruiser to a trailerable cruiser. It's a lot easier to shop for smaller trailer sailers because they are just basically small sailboats that will fit on a trailer due to their size. When you start getting into the plus size trailer...
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    Small Trimaran Mixed Fleet Racing

    I have a Windrider 16. Local mixed fleets are divided into monohull and beach cat. I am guessing the Windrider races with the beach cats? I have been talking to one of the sailing clubs where I am thinking about keeping the boat and they will get back to me on whether they are able to...